Be Anything, Do Everything

The Barbie®-GSUSA partnership is founded on activities that encourage and inspire girls around the country to explore a variety of careers. With the core theme "Be Anything, Do Everything," this partnership reaches girls online and offline, and includes:

  • • Be Anything, Do Everything Exploration: The "I Can Be…" activity booklet is offered in English and bilingual English/Spanish versions (a first for Girl Scouts) for girls to enjoy with their families, troop members, and friends. Many fun activities around career exploration are included; in one, girls pick a GSUSA badge topic and "map out" all of the interesting careers that relate to that topic. The booklet also contains space for girls to capture, via drawing and writing, career ideas that spark their imaginations.
  • • Special Patch:Girls who enjoy the booklet activities can collect a special "Be Anything, Do Everything" patch to wear on their Girl Scout uniforms.
  • • Digital Game and Poll: The GSUSA For Girls website will include activities that further encourage girls to explore the careers that interest them.