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Renew for Troops and Communities

How do you wind up a great Girl Scout year? Get ready for the next one!


Keep your Girl Scouts connected to adventures and their Girl Scout sisters over the summer. Renew your troop today, continue the fun, and get extra rewards for getting out in front. Help your Girl Scouts find their inner Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader all year long.

Have your "Username" ready 

(Username = email used to join Girl Scouts)

Forgot your username? Please call 801-265-8472 or 800-678-7809

How to Renew:

1. Click the 'RENEW TODAY' button above

2. Log In to MyGS

3. Select the ‘Troops’ tab

4. Change the box from ‘Current Year’ to ‘NEXT YEAR’

5. Select members to renew by choosing ‘RENEW’

6. Check the box to reaffirm the Girl Scout Promise and Law

7. Submit payment information

8. Review and confirm renewals then submit

9. Watch for the Confirmation email

10. Find fun things to do this summer!