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Girl Scout Week—Sunday, March 11 – Saturday, March 17—is a week-long celebration when Girl Scouts spread the word about how they lead as a Girl Scout.

Show the world that Girl Scouts are G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders) and lead by practicing grit, problem solving, risk-taking and leading with empathy.


Get Involved!

Sunday, March 11 – Saturday, March 17

1. Plan an activity that focuses on supporting women in leadership roles and then tell us about it!

It could be as simple as talking with a local woman business owner about how she got started, or inviting local women leaders—CEOs, legislators, business owners—to speak to the girls and young women in your community and share their stories. The possibilities are endless on what you can do!

Activity ideas:
Attend a lecture at a college or university given by a woman professor.
Connect with women legislators to discuss your community’s issues.

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2. We'll help you spread the word with a FREE t-shirt and patch! (Simply fill out the online form below)
Shirts can be picked up at your requested council service center beginning Wednesday, March 7.
3. Wear your t-shirt on Girl Scout Day—Monday, March 12—Girl Scouts' birthday 

(It's aslo green, so don't forget to wear it on St. Patrick's Day!)

4. Post on social media about how Girl Scouts helps you be a leader and tag us in your pictures!
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Together, let’s show the world that Girl Scouts take the lead!

Afternoon with the Mayor

In Tooele, we have just recently elected the first ever Mayor of Tooele City--Debbie Winn.  Debbie has invited us to participate in the Town Hall and encourage female leaders.  We will be taking a tour of City Hall and shadow Debbie during an upcoming afternoon to see what she does and what action she has taken.  She is a big advocate for Scouts and is excited to share her "rags to riches" story with the girls. We have been invited to attend the City Council Meeting and Planning Commission Meeting to see our local government in action. 

Animal Rescue

We plan on learning and helping a woman who runs and operates an entire animal rescue. Girls will learn from her what it takes to run a rescue, as well as helping her do the chores necessary. The girls will also be accepting donations of blankets and food, to help show them what needs the animals and wounded animals have. We have asked the owner to discuss with the girls how she got to where she is, why she does what she does and how she impacts the local community. 

Community service

We will be picking up trash in our neighborhood.

Connecting with a local business woman

We will be going to a local business in the Ogden Valley that is owned and managed by a female. She will be speaking to our troop about owning her own business. Understand the up and downs of running a restaurant. Afterwards the girls will be able to ask questions and sample menu items. 


We are going to be talking with women who work in male-dominated fields and learn about their hardships, goals, and experiences.  (I.e. - post office, courtrooms, etc)

Earn your Math Wiz Badge with Professor Barney

Join us as we have a guest host, Professor Mrs. Barney, to teach us about the world of Math.




We need Math and must understand math in so many various areas of life. You don‘t have to be brilliant in math to earn this Badge - Just start where you are! Math is everywhere around us.




The girls will get to see first hand a woman in the field of advanced math, and hear her story of how she got there. They will learn that in a field that not many women are part of that girls can make a difference and accomplish as well as add so much to the field. 




Shilad Sen said it best when he said “There’s research that shows that the best decision making happens when you have a diverse group of people,” and “If half the world’s population is not participating in math, you’re missing out on half of the really good people.”

Empowered Girls become Empowered Women

We have some different careered women coming to tell us about how they decided on their career and how they decided to attend college.  We are learning about making something of our lives

Female Leadership Career Day

We will be meeting with a number of female leaders from our community - a local business owner, a college professor, a certified nurse midwife with her own private practice, a university department head, a city council member, etc. - and hearing brief presentations before engaging in an open forum about what it takes to be a G.I.R.L. 

Girl empowerment activity

We are going to be watching a short film about successful women and doing a sing off  to show our individual talents

Girl scout week

Having conference with teachers/principles. Show girls leadership and how they can influence others.

Girl Scout Week

We are a new troop so we are following the Girl Guide traditions.

Girl Scout Week

We will have visitors who are local women leaders, and we will be hosting a cookie booth as part of the outreach program

Girls Rock!

We are going to paint rocks and then hide them around our community to participate in the Lehi ROCKS and spread love and girl scouts throughout our community.

give back day

On Monday March 12th, troop 114 will be cleaning up the city. Our troop will be picking up trash along the roads and working on a community flower garden project. 

Jewelry presentation

Girls will attend a presentation given by a woman who created her own jewelry business 

Kindness Rocks!

Our Troop girls will paint / write inspirational words on rocks and distrust / hide them throughout our community. 

Learning about Leading

We are having a local business women come in and talk to our girls about leadership in the business world and how you are able to run your own business and success in the world as a women!

Learning about Women in science

We are taking a tour of Nelson Laboratories next Friday 2/16/2018 learning how women can become scientists, we will also learn about other fields that women are entering. On Match 13th we are having a troop meeting to learn more about women and the opportunity they have in today’s world. 

Legislator meet and greet

We will meet our local representative at a community meeting.

Little things can make a big impact

We are inviting a local small business woman to talk about her how she got started and some of the troop moms to talk about their leadership role. This will give the girls a chance to learn that leadership takes on many forms and the impact, big or small can affect home and community.

Local professor from New Zealand who grew up as a Girl Guide will talk with the troop

The professor will come and share her experiences as a Girl Scout on the other side of the world and talk about how it helped shape her into a scientist/professor. She will engage in a hands-on activity with the girls

Locavore Explore

We are exploring local businesses as a girl scout troop, and completing the girl scout badge requirements for the Locavore Senior badge.

Manti Mayors

We have two women in Manti who have served as Mayor. We are inviting them to our meeting to talk about why they ran for mayor and what they feel they contributed during their term of office. 

meet and greet with woman leader
Meet with city councilwoman
Meet Woman Professor
Meeting with a women in leadership
Owning a business
Provo City Gov tour with Mayor Michelle Kaufusi
Provo Girls Summit or Entrepreneur Speak to Troop
Small business leaders
Small Business Owner Lecture
Strong women in politics
The heart of Education
Utah Women’s and Leadership Speaker and Dialogue series
UVU Tour
Volunteering at the YWCA
We are Women
Woman in government
Women in Business
Women in our community
Women in Science
Women Serving Their Communities
Women starting a business
Women’s day
Womens Panel
Women's Panel
Women's Panel