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Thank you to everyone for making Girl Scout week fantastic!

Girl Scout Week—Sunday, March 11 – Saturday, March 17—is a week-long celebration when Girl Scouts spread the word about how they lead as a Girl Scout.

Show the world that Girl Scouts are G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers and Leaders) and lead by practicing grit, problem solving, risk-taking and leading with empathy.

2018 Girl Scout Week Activities

Women in Business

  • February 13 - Bountiful
  • Troop 914 - 10 girls, 3 adults
  • Talking to a local small-business woman owner about her business and how she got started to prepare the girls to lead in their own cookie business. 

Provo City Government Tour with Mayor Michelle Kaufusi

  • March 1 - Provo City Center
  • Troop 347 - 9 girls, 3 adults
  • Touring the Provo City government building and talking with Mayor Michelle Kaufusi- Provo’s first woman mayor and a former Girl Scout and Girl Scout Leader!


  • March 2 - Riverton
  • Troop 763 - 12 girls, 4 adults
  • Talking with women leaders who work in male-dominated fields and learning about how their leadership journey. 

Utah Women and Leadership Speaker and Dialogue series 

  • March 7 - Utah Valley University
  • Troop 355 - 4 girls, 3 adults
  • Attending a dialogue series on women's leadership at Utah Valley University.

Earn Your Math Wiz Badge with Professor Barney

  • March 8 - Hill AFB
  • Troop 2141 - 20 girls, 4 adults
  • Learning about math from Ms. Professor Barney and how she entered her career field. Girls will get to see first-hand a woman leader in the advanced math field, hear her story of how she got there and learn how they can get more involved with math. 

Learning About Leading

  • March 8 - Hill AFB
  • Troop 2142 - 17 girls, 3 adults
  • Talking with a local woman business owner about how to lead and succeed in business. 

Provo Girls Summit or Entrepreneur Speak to Troop

  • March 8 - Provo
  • Troop 527 - 8 girls, 4 adults
  • Interacting with women leaders in a variety of fields like science, engineering, business, and the arts which will show the girls the endless possibilities for women and inspire them to leaders.

Guest Speaker with Zumba Instructor

  • March 8 - United Methodist Church in Tooele
  • Troop 236 - 14 girls, 6 adults
  • Talking with a Zumba instructor about her leadership journey, how she inspires other women and why she believes in women empowerment. 

We are Women

  • March 9 - Spanish Fork
  • Troop 979 - 40 girls, 15 adults
  • Women from all walsks of life will talk to the girls about what they do for a living. This way girls can see what women do.

Girls Empowered Daily Challenge

  • March 9-17 - Various Locations in West Jordan
  • Troop 826 - 9 girls, 3 adults
  • Part of empowering women is recognizing and appreciating the strengths within each other. Each day the girls are going to be challenged to do something that recognizes the power in the women around us - a thank you note to a woman who has helped shape their lives, giving a compliment to a girl they don’t talk to often, learning about their female hero, and dreaming of the female hero they each have the opportunity to become. Challenging the girls to write a thank you note to a woman who has helped shape their lives, girls they don’t often talk to or their women heros. 

Meet With City Councilwoman

  • March 9 - Logan Recreation Center
  • Troop 2030 - 25 girls, 3 adults
  • Visiting and speaking with Amy Anderson, woman city council member, about her job and how she got to where she is today as a woman leader in local government. 

Women in Business

  • March 10 - Spanish Fork
  • Troop 979 - 30 girls, 10 adults
  • Speaking with women leaders in business. 

Movie Night

  • March 11 - Park City
  • Troop 1471 - 4 girls, 3 adults
  • Watching Hidden Figures and other movies based on women leaders. 

Visit with Sarinda Jones, Glass Artist - Woman Business Owner

  • March 11 - Art Access in Salt Lake City
  • Troop 2696 - 35 girls, 9 adults
  • Meeting and talking with Sarinda Jones, a local glass artist, about how she got started and how she impacts the community. 

Women in Science

  • March 11 - American Fork
  • Troop 512 - 4 girls, 2 adults
  • Discussing different women in science and their contributions in history to show our girls that having women in science is important. 

Meet a Woman Professor

  • March 11 - University of Utah
  • Troop 1792 -  8 girls, 3 adults
  • Attending a woman professor’s lecture at the University of Utah to show the girls that women can achieve leadership roles in higher education.

Women Making a Difference

  • March 11- Park City
  • Troop 850 - 11 girls, 2 adults
  • Shop for materials to put into Easter Baskets (matchbox cars, fidget spinners, coloring books, bubbles, crayons, small stuffed animals, etc.) and assemble and decorate them. Girls will then deliver them to the Christian Center of Park City which is having an Easter Basket drive.

Give Back Day

  • March 12 - Clearfield City
  • Troop 114 - 8 girls, 5 adults
  • Taking action in the community by cleaning up around Clearfield city. Girls will be picking up trash along the roads and working on a community flower garden project.  

Meet Local City Council Woman

  • March 12 - Alpine
  • Troop 748 - 10 girls, 4 adults
  • Talking with a local city council woman about her start in local government and how the girls can get involved. 

Local Professor From New Zealand Who Grew Up as a Girl Guide Will Talk With the Troop

  • March 12 - Heber
  • Troop 175 - 8 girls, 4 adults
  • Speaking with a woman scientist and professor from New Zealand about her experiences as a Girl Scout and how it made her into what she is today.

The Heart of Education

  • March 12 - Cedar Ridge Elementary
  • Troops 001, 65, 808 and 1438 - 38 girls, 8 adults
  • Speaking with the Cedar Ridge Elementary School principal as well as other women professionals in higher education about their leadership roles in the community to inspire the girls to strive for leadership positions in higher education. 

Women starting a business

  • March 12 - Jimmy Johns in Provo
  • Troop 527 - 3 girls, 3 adults
  • Meeting a local woman business owner and discussing how she got started and her leadership journey to where she is today.

Meet With a Leader

  • March 12 - Emerson Elementary School in Salt Lake City
  • Troop 514 - 17 girls, 5 adults
  • Talking with a local business owner to inspire the girls to be comfortable in business fields.

Women’s Panel

  • March 12 - Spanish Fork Library
  • Nebo Shadows Community, Troop 296 and 191 - 25+ girls, 15 adults
  • Interviewing women leaders in different fields including an actress, CEO of Girl Scouts of Utah, lawyer, medical doctor and two entrepreneurs.

Meet with a Local Business Owner

  • March 12 - Ogden
  • Troop 2068 - 15 girls, 5 adults
  • Talking with a woman business owner about how she got started in her career and how she impacts the community as a leader. 

Women in STEM

  • March 12 - Murray Park Church of Christ
  • Troop 558 - 19+ girls, 19+ adults
  • Talking with a panel of women leaders who work in STEM.

We Lead Through Kindness 

  • March 12 - Park City
  • Troop 317 - 6 girls, 2 adults
  • Showing neighbors in the community random acts of kindness by clearing snow, handing out flowers and giving compliments. 

Community Business Leader

  • March 12 - Eden/Ogden Valley
  • Troop 197 - 16 girls, 7 adults
  • Speaking with a local small-business woman owner about how she got started. 

Women in Science

  • March 13 - Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake City
  • Troop 443 - 10 girls, 4 adults
  • Touring Nelson Laboratories and learning how women can become scientists and what other STEM-related fields women are entering.

Little Things Can Make a Big Impact

  • March 13 - Woods Cross
  • Troop 280 - 14 girls, 13 adults
  • Inviting a local small-business owner to speak to girls about how she got started. In comparison, some of the girls’ moms will talk about their leadership roles to show that leadership can take on many forms but they all impact the community.

Community Service

  • March 13, Kearns
  • 1 girl, 1 adult
  • Picking up trash in their neighborhood.

Strong Women in Politics

  • March 13 - Stockton
  • Troop 1718 - 13 girls, 3 adults
  • Talking with a town council woman and a Republican chair about the importance of getting involved in government. 

Women Leaders in the Community

  • March 13 - Ogden
  • Troop 802 - 9 girls, 12 adults
  • Speaking with a couple of women leaders who own their own businesses about how they became leaders and how the girls can lead in their communities. 

Empowered Girls Become Empowered Women

  • March 13 - Heber
  • Troop 203 - 11 girls, 5 adults
  • Talking with different women leaders in our community about how and why they decided on their career and how college shaped them into women leaders.

Meet the Mayor

  • March 13 - South Jordan City Hall
  • Troop 909 - 6 girls, 3 adults
  • Touring South Jordan City Hall with the city’s mayor who will speak with the girls about how she serves in the community and what her leadership role entails. 

Girls on the Crime Scene

  • March 13 - Grantsville
  • Troop 941 - 23 girls, 4 adults
  • Touring the local police station with a woman police officer, learning about DNA and fingerprints, and speaking with her about how and why she became a police officer. 

Afternoon with the Mayor

  • March 14 - Tooele City Hall
  • Troop 2339 -  25 girls, 8 adults
  • Touring Tooele City Hall and speaking with the first female-elected mayor of Tooele City, Debbie Winn. Girls will be participating in Town Hall and shadowing Debbie to see what she does and how she implements her leadership.

Girl Scout Week

  • March 14 - Elsinore
  • Troop 1789 - 15 girls, 5 adults
  • Following the Girl Guide traditions as new troop. 

Ways Women Lead

  • March 14 - Horace Mann Elementary in Ogden
  • Troop 170, 171 and 172 - 33 girls, 14 adults
  • Speaking with three successful, local women with different backgrounds and talents about how they achieved their goals and how they became leaders. 

Visiting Women Owned Businesses

  • March 14 - 50 Main Street Tooele
  • Troop 147 - 25 girls, 4 adults
  • Visiting several local women-owned businesses and asking the owners how they impact the community.

Women in Health Care

  • March 14 - Mountain View Family Eye Care in Heber City
  • Troop 942 - 7 girls, 3 adults
  • Touring a local optometrist’s office and meeting to discuss her leadership journey. 

Women Leaders Help Other Women Thrive

  • March 14 - UGLY Thrift Store in American Fork
  • Troop 478 - 15 girls, 2 adults
  • Touring the Utah Girls Love You, a woman-owned local thrift shop that offers finance and job skill classes to single mothers, and showing the girls how women leaders can positively effect change in other women’s lives.

Animal Rescue

  • March 15 - Friends in Need Animal Rescue in Saratoga Springs
  • Troop 1717 - 18 girls, 4 girls
  • Helping and speaking with a local small-business woman owner who runs and operates an animal rescue, learning how she got started, why she does what she does and her role in impacting the community.

Girl Scout Week

  • March 15 - schools in Eagle Mountain
  • Troop 903 - 12 girls, 2 adults
  • Meeting with local school teachers and principals to show girls how women leadership in education can influence others and the world.

Manti Mayors

  • March 15 - Manti
  • Troop 1344 - 14 girls, 2 adults
  • Speaking with two former women Manti mayors about why they ran for local government and how they contributed during their term of office. 

Women’s Day

  • March 15 - Millville
  • Cache Community - 35 girls, 3 adults
  • Speaking with a woman police detective and a woman CEO about the importance of women in leadership positions.

Volunteering at the YWCA

  • March 15 - YWCA in Salt Lake City
  • Troop 141 - 10 girls, 5 adults
  • Volunteering at the YWCA by hosting a Easter Crafts Night for the women and children in the shelter who have experienced domestic violence to teach our girls that women leaders care for each other and lift each other up when they need it the most.

Small Business Owner Lecture

  • March 15 - Herriman
  • Troop 1533 - 8 girls, 3 adults
  • Speaking with a small -business woman owner about how and why she started her business to teach the girls to tap into their own leadership skills. 

Being a Woman in the Olympics

  • March 15 - Bear Hollow Community Room in Park City
  • Troop 122 and 1727 - 19 girls, 12 adults
  • Maddy Olsen, an Olympic skier who is competing in the 2018 Olympics, will speak to the girls about her experiences and journey to get to where she is today.

Meet & Greet With Woman Leader

  • March 15 - residence in Kearns
  • Troop 255 - 11 girls, 3 adults
  • Speaking with a local woman leader about what it means to be a leader, how she got where she is today and how being a leader effects her life and others in the community.   

Women Can Do Anything!

  • March 15 - Payson
  • Troop 527 - 3 girls, 3 adults
  • Speaking to a panel of different women leaders in a variety of job fields to broaden the girls’ perception of what women leaders do!

Girl Scout Week

  • March 15 - Alpine
  • Troop 1721 - 9 girls, 8 adults
  • Talking with a woman leader in our community about her leadership journey and how she leads in the workplace. 

Glasses For All

  • March 15 - Eagle Mountain
  • Troop 841 - 16 girls, 2 adults
  • Taking the lead by collecting used eye-glasses, cleaning and donating them to a foundation that sends them to children in third-world countries.  

Girls Rock

  • March 15 - Lehi
  • Troop 638 - 14 girls, 3 adults
  • Participating in the Lehi ROCKS to spread love throughout the community and to show the girls that even the littlest kindness is a form of leadership.

Girls Rock

  • March 15 - South Salt Lake
  • Juniper Community - 30 girls, 20 adults
  • Local women political and public service leaders are coming to speak to the girls.

Bone Appetit

  • March 16 - Washington City
  • Troop 886 - 7 girls, 3 adults
  • Meeting and speaking with a local business woman owner who serves all of the K-9 units in the county. 

Girl Scout Week

  • March 16 - Bud Bailey Apartment Community
  • Troop 1179 - 44 girls, 6 adults
  • Visiting local women leaders to inspire the girls to continue their leadership journey into adulthood. 

Jewelry Presentation

  • March 16 - West Jordan
  • Troop 262 - 6 girls, 6 adults
  • Attending a presentation by a local business woman owner who owns her own jewelry boutique. 

Women Leading in the Military

  • March 16 - Clearfield
  • Troop 238 - 17 girls, 5 adults
  • Discussing with a woman Marine officer about how she leads in the military and how she got to where she is today.

Meet a Woman Professor

  • March 16 - BYU in Provo
  • Troop 291 - 8 girls, 2 adults
  • Touring the BYU English department and listening to a lecture from a woman professor to discuss the value of higher education in regards to her leadership role. 

Locavore Explore

  • March 16 - businesses in Kearns
  • Troop 778 - 9 girls, 3 adults
  • Exploring local businesses and completing the Girl Scout badge requirements for the Locavore Senior badge.

Female Leadership Career Day

  • March 17 - local church gym in Ivins
  • Troop 882 - 21 girls, 4 adults
  • Meeting with women leaders in the community to discuss how they lead - a local business owner, college professor, certified-nurse midwife with her own private practice, university department head, city council member, etc. - then engaging our girls in a conversation about what it takes to be a leader. 

Food and Care Coalition Leadership

  1. March 17 - Provo
  2. Troop 520 - 20 girls, 8 adults
  3. Job shadowing women at the Food and Care Coalition in Provo who were former residents but are now leaders in the organization. Girls will learn about their journey to leadership and what they can do to take action against homelessness. 

Women Serving Their Communities

  • March 18 - Hyrum, Wellsville and Logan
  • Troop 731 - 15 girls, 9 adults
  • Attending a city council meeting, meeting a woman mayors and discussing her leadership journey, speaking with local women members of the local youth city council about what they do to serve their communities and how our girls can get involved.

Kindness Rocks!

  • March 18 - American Fork
  • Troop 517 - 14 girls, 6 adults
  • Painting and writing inspirational words on rocks and hiding them throughout the community which will show the girls that you can lead through kindness. 

Resume and Scholarship Fair

  • March 19 - South Jordan
  • Troop 430 - 12 girls, 3 adults
  • Teaching girls about writing resumes and helping them search for scholarships that will direct them to leadership roles in higher education and eventually the workplace.

Girl Empowerment Activity

  • March 20 - LDS Church in West Jordan
  • Troop 1570 - 22 girls, 10 adults
  • Watching a short film about successful women

Days for Girls

  • March 24 - Lakeview Church in Provo
  • Troop 543 - 12 girls, 4 adults
  • Speaking with the head of the non-profit organization, Days for Girls, about women’s issues around the world and how girls can help solve these issues by taking the lead. 

Woman Leadership

  • March 25 - Park City Community Church
  • Troop 410 - 4 girls, 2 adults
  • Watching short videos of women leaders including Michelle Obama then discussing with girls their leadership journey. 

Girl Scout Leaders

  • March 27 - South Jordan
  • Troop 279 - 10 girls, 3 adults
  • Hosting and speaking with a local woman business owner, who is also lifetime member and former Girl Scout, about how Girl Scouts helped her be a leader.

Girl Scout Week

  • March 28 - Heber City Police Station
  • Troop 254 - 13 girls, 3 adults
  • Learning from Utah women leaders on finding opportunities as young women and girls to serve in the community, what girls can do about poverty and homelessness in Utah, shining a light on sexual assault in Utah, and how girls can promote literacy in their home and community. Girls will learn how women leaders impact Utah and the community.

Meeting with a Women in Leadership

  • March 31 - St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church 4501 W. 5215 S. Kearns
  • Troop 177 - 9 girls, 3 adults
  • Meeting with Senator Karen Mayne to discuss politics and women in leadership.

Movie Night

  • April 16 - Manti
  • Troop 856 - 18 girls, 4 adults
  • Watching Hidden Figures and discussing with the girls about the leadership qualities they recognize within themselves based on the women leaders in the movie. 


  • TBD - Ogden
  • Troop 234 - 14 girls, 6 adults
  • Going through an obstacle course that they made themselves to educate our girls on how important it is to rely, trust and support each other. They will also be speaking with a small business woman owner about her leadership journey. 

Legislature Meet & Greet

  • N/A - North Salt Lake
  • Troop 2388 - 18 girls, 3 adults
  • Meeting their local representative at a community meeting.

UVU Tour

  • TBD - Utah Valley University
  • Troops 2022 and 1775 - 26 girls, 15 adults 
  • Speaking with a woman police detective and a woman CEO about the importance of women in leadership positions.

Female Business Owners

  • TBD - Moab
  • Troop 1512 - 11 girls, 8 adults
  • Inviting five woman leaders from the community to speak to the girls the importance of women leaders. 

Women Leaders in Different Industries

  • TBD - Wild Wonders in Genola
  • Troop 790 - 22 girls, 4 adults
  • Meeting different women leaders in the food industry, veterinary field and wildlife industry to show our girls that women can lead in whatever field they want!

Teen Resource Center Awareness

  • TBD - Teen Resource Center in Salt Lake City
  • Troop 2547 - 4 girls, 6 adults
  • Touring the Teen Resource Center and taking the lead by volunteering. 

Women's Leadership Panel

  • TBD - Pleasant Grove
  • Troop 1000 - 35 girls 20 adults
  • Hosting a panel of 3 women in the community with excellent leadership skills, practicing grit, problem solving, risk taking and leading with empathy. The women wil share their story and the girls will get the chance ask them questions. 

Women's Leadership Panel

  • TBD - Hill Airforce Base
  • Troop 928 - 12 girls 2 adults
  • Senior Master Sargeants will talk about their military careers and specialties. (Air Traffic Control, Pilot Qualification cert. and Meteorologist.)