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Bling Your Booth is a statewide challenge for girls to show off their creativity at cookie booths. Decorate in travel style, deck-out in camp gear or promote the Troop's Cookie Goal! The winning troop with most creative booth will win an exclusive prize. 


The Vision

Bling Your Booth themes help promote more than cookie selling. Girls are changing the cookie conversation from a sweet treat to how the Girl Scout Cookie Program impacts girls and the girl-led programs that inspire and promote leadership. 


Tips to Engage Your Girls

Get your girls excited about their cookie goals! Are your girls going to camp with their Activity Credits? Ask them about their favorite memories of camp and what they accomplished there. Are they using their cookie money to travel? Have them share why their destination is special to them and Bling Your Booth to reflect their story.


How to Get Started:

  1. Choose a theme. Think about troop goals and how your girls will spend their Activity Credits. Have the girls demonstrate their creativity! Show how they were inspired by an activity they have learned at camp, providing community service, or through Girl Scout program. Tell their story and boost cookie sales!
  2. Bling Your Booth!
  3. Snap a pic! Take a picture of your cookie booth and troop and tag Girl Scouts of Utah on facebook (@girlscoutsofutah), Instagram (@gsutah), or twitter (@gsutah) with the hashtag #gsutah
  4. Submissions are due March 25, 2019
  5. Photos will be collected and voted on by Girl Scouts of Utah staff.
  6. Winners will be announced on April 8!

For questions, please contact member support at 801-265-8472 or


Time to Celebrate!

The top winning troop will receive an exclusive prize! 

In 2018, Troop 455 won cool vintage backpacks!