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Selling Cookies

Who can sell Girl Scout Cookies?
All registered Girl Scouts who have written permission from their parent/guardian and have no outstanding debt to Girl Scouts of Utah are eligible to participate. Adult members participate only by supporting the direct involvement of girls. The girl sets goals, learns the leadership skills that are part of the program and closes the sale. Register as a member.

What do girls earn while participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?
By selling cookies, girls not only gain five essential skills that help them gain leadership skills – decision making, goal setting, money management, people skills and business ethics – they also have the opportunity to earn awesome cookie rewards (featured on the girl order card) as well as Activity Credits. As part of their experience, Girl Scouts can earn age-appropriate badges found in their Girls Guide to Girl Scouting Handbook. Additionally, girls can earn the Girl Scouts of Utah Financial Literacy Patches and the Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin. 

Can Girl Scouts who are not in troops participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program?
Yes! Juliettes (girls not registered with a troop) have two options to participate in the Cookie Program: 1. They may sell as a Juliette or 2. They may sell with a troop within their area. For more details, contact our Member Support at 

Cookie Proceeds

When I buy Girl Scout Cookies, where does the money go and how does it benefit girls?
Approximately 75% of every purchase stays in Utah to supply essential services to troops, groups, and individual girls. The balance goes directly to the baker to pay for the cookies.

What portion of the cookie proceeds is shared with the group selling cookies?
Troops receive $0.40 of the purchase price for each box sold. The troop holds the money earned in its treasury and its girl members vote on how to use that money.

Is the purchase of Girl Scout Cookies tax-deductible?
No, if the customer keeps the cookies, because individuals who buy Girl Scout Cookies have purchased a product at a fair market value. For this reason, no part of the price of a package of Girl Scout Cookies used in this way is tax-deductible. Perhaps, if the customer leaves the cookies with Girl Scouts. Many Girl Scouts ask customers to pay for one or more packages of cookies for use in their community service project – collecting for a food bank, for example, or for Gift of Caring. The customer is not receiving any Girl Scout Cookies and does not benefit directly from paying for them. Those individuals should contact their tax preparer to see if they may treat the purchase price of the donated cookies as a charitable contribution. 

Does any part of the cookie proceeds go to support organizations other than Girl Scouting?
No. The proceeds from our cookie program stay in Utah to support Girl Scouting.

Does any of the money from cookie proceeds go to Girl Scouts of the USA (the national Girl Scouts organization)?
No, all proceeds stay within our council.

Product Information

Who bakes Girl Scout Cookies?
Two commercial bakers are licensed by the national Girl Scout organization, Girl Scout of the USA, to produce Girl Scout Cookies: ABC/Interbake Foods and Little Brownie Bakers. Girl Scouts of Utah works with Little Brownie Bakers.

Who selects the cookie varieties?
Licensed bakers can offer up to eight varieties of Girl Scout Cookies but only three types are mandatory: Thin Mints®, Do-si-dos®, and Trefoils®. The national Girl Scout organization reviews and approves all varieties proposed by the bakers, and any of the five optional cookies can be changed every year. Each bakery names its own cookies, so Girl Scout Cookies that are quite similar may have different names. To see a list of our current varieties of Girl Scout Cookies, along with pictures and descriptions, click here.

What are the sizes, quantities, and prices of Girl Scout Cookies? Girl Girl
Scout Cookies are sold by weight, not by size or number. The number and size of cookies may vary by variety. The national Girl Scout organization monitors the weights of the cookies, which are set by contract. Girl Scout Cookies sell for different prices in different areas of the country. Each Girl Scout council has the right to set its own price based on its needs and knowledge of the local market. Girl Scouts of Utah’s current price, $4.00 per package for the traditional six cookies and $5.00 per package for the two specialty cookies, reflects both the current cost of cookies and the realities of providing Girl Scout activities in an ever-changing economic environment.

Are all Girl Scout Cookies kosher?

What are the best-selling Little Brownie Baker Girl Scout Cookies?

  •  27% Thin Mints
  •  21% Samoas
  •  14% Tagalongs
  •  10% Do-si-dos
  •  10% Trefoils
  •  18% The other varieties combined

Where can I find recipes using Girl Scout Cookies?
On the Little Brownie Bakers website.

What if I'm not satisfied with my cookies?
Contact Girl Scouts of Utah at if you are not satisfied with a package of Girl Scout Cookies you purchased. We will be happy to help you. 

Who are the girls on the Girl Scout Cookie boxes?

All of the girls pictured on the boxes are registered Girl Scouts. Every box shows Girl Scouts in action having fun.

How do I find out the ingredients, nutritional value, and allergen information for one or more of the Girl Scout Cookie varieties?
The ingredients and nutritional profile of each variety are clearly listed on both the cookie package and the cookie order form. Additionally, the bakers licensed by Girl Scouts of the USA to produce Girl Scout Cookies list specific product information in the “COOKIES” section of their respective websites. Nutritional information for Little Brownie Bakers can be found at

Are there any preservatives used in Girl Scout Cookies?
No. They are all made with pure vegetable shortening, are kosher, and freeze well to extend their shelf life. A “best to use or freeze by” date is on each package.

Are there any partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) in Girl Scout Cookies?
Girl Scouts of the USA is proud to say that all Girl Scout cookies are “zero trans-fat per serving” with the same great taste that has made them one of America’s favorite treat over the years. All varieties contain less than 0.5 grams trans-fat per serving, which meets and exceeds the FDA guidelines for the “zero trans-fat” designation. Girl Scouts of the USA has worked diligently with our bakers over the past several years to address the issue of trans-fats. We began listing the amount of trans-fats one full year before FDA requirements went into effect. It is important to remember that Girl Scout Cookies are a snack food and are meant to be consumed in limited quantities within the context of a balanced diet. So that consumers can make an informed choice, the ingredients and nutritional profile of each variety are clearly listed on both the cookie package and the cookie order form. 

Why don't you offer cookies that are whole-wheat, wheat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, low-fat, non-fat, fat-free, etc?
Thin Mints® are now vegan, Toffee-tastic™ are gluten free, and Girl Scout S’mores™ have no artificial flavors or colors. However, the demand for specialty cookie formulations is simply not great enough to make it economically feasible to offer a variety of specialty types. Of all the different possible formulations, sugar-free seems to be the most popular, yet in the past, even the sugar-free Girl Scout Cookies that have been offered have had to be discontinued due to lack of demand. Our baker continues to experiment with recipes that balance the best tasting cookies using the healthiest ingredients.