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For Cookie Volunteers

Welcome Cookie Managers

Thank you for volunteering to support this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program. With your assistance, girls gain valuable skills that will help them succeed. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a powerful, hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program.

The following resources will help you manage the Cookie Program for your troop and/or community.

Cookie Program Videos

Getting Started

Cookie Program Resources

  • 2018 Cookie Program Dates
  • 2018 Cookie Rally Guide. Please submit your Cookie Rally information by November 1, 2017.
  • 2018 Cookie Manager Manual-Coming Soon!
  • 2018 eBudde Quick Tips-Coming Soon!
  • 2018 Cookie Program Glossary-Coming Soon!
  • Cookie Volunteer FAQs-Coming Soon!

Marketing & Social Media

  • Marketing the Cookie Program-Coming Soon!
  • Social Media and Cookie Sale Clarification-Coming Soon!
  • Social Media, Marketing, and Sensitive Issues FAQs-Coming Soon!

Troop Award Program information and Forms

  • Cookie Compass Program-Coming Soon! 
  • Older Girl Troop Opt Out Program-Coming Soon!
  • Goal Getter Program–Troop Award-Coming Soon!

Troop Cookie Booth Information and Forms

  • Cookie Booth Rules and Code of Conduct-Coming Soon!
  • Girl Scout Troop Cookie Booth Instructions and Agreement Form-Coming Soon!
  • Walmart & Sam's Club Booth Requirements and Agreement Form-Coming Soon!
  • Girl Cookie Booth Conduct Contract-Coming Soon!
  • Adult Cookie Booth Conduct Contract-Coming Soon!
  • Troop Cookie Booth Checklist-Coming Soon!
  • Cookie Booth FAQs-Coming Soon!

Cookie and Financial Literacy Program Information

  • Cookie Activity Pin-Coming Soon!
  • Financial Literacy and Cookie Business Badges and Leaves-Coming Soon!
  • Financial Literacy Patch Program-Coming Soon!

Other Tools and Forms

  • Cookies by the Carload-Coming Soon!
  • Cookie Participation Certificates-Coming Soon!
  • Cookie Program Complaint Report-Coming Soon!
  • Product Complaint Report-Coming Soon!