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Join the 2019 Walkabout through March 24!

What is a Walkabout? 
A Girl Scout(s) or Girl Scout troop walks the neighborhood selling cookies door-to-door in a residential area with adult supervision, and visit cookie customers you may have missed in January...or who might need to restock their favorites!

Who can resist our esteemed sweet treats when a Girl Scout is at their front door with their favorite cookies?! Not us! Door-to-door sales remains one of the most effective ways to sell cookies. In a recent national study, 78% of those customers who were not approached during a cookie sale stated they would have purchased 2-4 boxes if asked.

Decided on your strategy for selling directly – now what?

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions:
Can I have a Walkabout in a shopping center, park or other public area?

No. In order to maintain good relationships with property managers, stores and to be fair, walk abouts are only allowed in non-commercial areas. All booth sales must be coordinated through the council. 

Commercial areas are considered a booth and must be coordinated through the council. 

Tip: Keep moving! You must keep moving in order for it to be a walkabout.

Can we do a Walkabout as a troop at one of our meetings?

Yes! What a fun outing for your troop and a great way to help girls reach their goals!

Can we do a Walkabout as a family?

Yes! Girl Scouts embraces family involvement.

What if a customer has already ordered cookies?

You may encounter customers that have pre-ordered their cookies already but have not received them yet. Please be respectful of other Girl Scouts in your area and let them know that their cookies will be there soon.


Now that you are ready for your Walkabout, let’s make the most of it!

  • Have you or your troop already taken pre-orders in your neighborhood? Make it an adventure and try a new area!
  • Decorate your wagon or cart for your Walkabout to create excitement in the neighborhood. 
  • Snap a photo while you're walking about, tag us on social media @gsutah (twitter and instagram) @girlscoutsofutah (facebook)
  • Walkabout patches are also available for purchase at any of our GSU shops or popup shops.