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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to find my troop information (troop roster)?
Login to “MYGS” to access your own membership information as well as troop information for troop leaders. Troop Leaders of troops K-5 will also have access to the Volunteer Toolkit, a great online resource for troop planning and management.

Where do I go to register as a member?
Login to the “MYGS” tab to access your member information and renew your membership. New members will click on Join or Volunteer on the homepage of our website to register as a new member or volunteer.

Where do I go to register for an activity, event, training, or camp?
Login in to the Event Registration Login to sign yourself or a girl up for any Girl Scout activity, volunteer training, or camp programs.

How do I add a girl to my troop?
If your troop is listed in the Opportunity Catalog, tell the parent/girl your troop number and ask her to put it in when she visits and clicks “Join”. If your troop isn’t listed, the troop leader should call Customer Care at 801-265-8472 in order for the troop to be opened in the opportunity catalog, then the caregiver can add the girl. If the caregiver calls Customer Care with the troop number, Customer Care will contact the troop leader to ensure that it’s ok to open the troop in the opportunity catalog.

Are you inviting girls to join your troop?  Click here to let us know!

Is the toolkit for all volunteers or just Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie and Junior (K-5) troop leaders?
The first phase of the Volunteer Toolkit will include program resources for Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scout leaders and volunteers. Leaders will have access to important resources to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, including two years of programming plans for Daisy, Brownie and Junior Troops. The toolkit will also have year planning and troop management tools for leaders of all levels. We anticipate programs for troops with older girls in upcoming phases of this initiative.

I can’t remember my password.
At the logon screen, click the “Forget Your Password?” link. This will take you through the password reset process.

I am having technical problems with Volunteer Systems! Help!
We’re happy to help. Call our Member Support at 801-265-8472 or email: and we’ll be glad to help you.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions document.