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Training Requirements


Training Requirements Catalogue

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To access online training, click HERE.


Volunteer Training Certificates

The Volunteer Training offered by GSU prepares and equips volunteers for working with girls by providing the knowledge and confidence necessary for carrying out meaningful Girl Scout programs.

But did you know that Girl Scout Volunteer Training prepares you for so much more than Girl Scouts?  Our adult education courses train volunteers in leadership skills, program organization and facilitation, girl development, outdoorsmanship, and so much more!  It is our goal to provide you, our volunteers, with meaningful training that builds your own personal and professional skills in ways that can be used throughout your busy lives.

Starting from April 1, 2017, GSU will provide an official certificate of completion to each volunteer who completes one of our volunteer training courses.  Digital, printable certificates will be emailed to you after having attended and completed the course.

Additionally, starting at Leadership Summit 2017, for each volunteer who has earned 5 certificates of completion within one membership year, you will be presented with a pin.


For Community Delegates 

How to Register:


  1. Visit the ACTIVITIES calendar or visit ACTIVITIES under the MYGS tab 
  2. Choose the training you'd like to attend
  3. Click the register button
  4. Don't forget to enter any promo codes that are found in the description online



  1. Click Here

*CPR/First Aid/AED, Dutch Oven Cooking, Wilderness First Aid, and any learning conferences will have an attached fee. Other trainings are FREE with the promo code TRAINFREE, or $3.00 without the promo code.