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Trefoil Ranch Property Update


On Saturday, February 11th, Trefoil Ranch experienced mudslides due to extreme changes in weather. Campers and staff onsite at the time were able to leave the property safely. While none of the camp buildings were impacted or damaged, Trefoil Ranch is temporarily closed while GSU works with hydrologists and engineers to ensure the property remains safe for staff and our members.

Programs scheduled to occur at Trefoil Ranch through Sunday, Feb 19th, have been cancelled, and our Member Support Team is contacting those members to issue full refunds. We are sorry for the impact the mudslides may have on members’ plans for camp. As we know more about the duration of the closure, we will update this website and contact members who are affected.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trefoil:

Why is Trefoil Ranch closed? Trefoil Ranch is temporarily closed due to flooding experienced Saturday, February 11th, which resulted in a significant amount of mud and debris around the Lodge.  GSU is working with engineers and contractors to ensure the property remains. Due to winter weather and spring thaw, we do not anticipate that the clean-up will be completed until the end of May.

Does this impact my camp registration?

  • Unfortunately, programs scheduled at Trefoil through May 2017 are cancelled. 
  • The cancelation includes mini-camps, troop camping, Never the Same Weekends, and property rentals scheduled through May 2017.
  • Members who registered for these programs will be contacted by Member Support and receive full refunds.
  • We do not anticipate any impact to summer camp programming.  We expect Trefoil Ranch to be running to full capacity for Summer Resident Camp starting in June.

What damage was done to the camp?

The flood impacted the lawn area, particularly the trees, and left mud, rocks and branches. While none of the camp buildings were damaged, the drop-off shelter was damaged by approximately 4-feet of mud. There is erosion on the sides of the entrance to Trefoil Ranch, and mud and debris in both parking lots.  

Is help needed? 

Due to the amount of mud and debris, it cannot be moved by hand or shovel.  We are working with local experts and heavy equipment for clean-up.  Please avoid coming to the area during winter and spring season.

Is financial assistance needed at this time?

While all Girl Scouts of Utah camp properties are fully insured, including Trefoil Ranch, we expect there will be additional costs associated with this cleanup effort. If you would like to contribute to Trefoil Ranch, camp operations or camp scholarship programs to make it possible for girls to attend Girl Scout Camp, your support is greatly appreciated!