Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy focuses on the 5 Skills of the Cookie Business: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.  These skills build the future women business leaders of tomorrow.   

Why is Financial Literacy important? Nearly all girls say it is likely that they will have a career they enjoy, be able to provide for their families, and own a home one day. They are similarly optimistic about obtaining a college degree, being able to retire comfortably, being able to save a lot of money, and making a lot of money.  A very high percentage of girls also say it is likely that they will give back to society, either to their communities directly or through charity. However, only half of girls feel confident in making financial decisions, with far fewer considering themselves very confident.
Journeys that align with Financial Literacy
All programming is enhanced when done with Financial Literacy in mind. Whether or not a Journey is directly linked to financial awareness, all Journeys can be done with planning for the future.  Financial literacy is also a great partner to a well planned Cookie Season.
Badges that align with Financial Literacy
  • Brownies: Money Manager, Philanthropist, Meet My Customers, Give Back
  • Juniors: Savvy Shopper, Business Owners, Customer Insights, Cookie CEO
  • Cadettes: Budgeting, Comparison Shopping, Financing My Dreams, Business Plan, Marketing, Think Big
  • Senior: Financing My Future, Buying Power, My Portfolio, Customer Loyalty
  • Ambassador: On My Own, Good Credit, R & D, P & L

The Girl Scouts of Utah Financial Literacy Program is proudly sponsored by
Mountain America Credit Union.