2014 National Convention - Girl Scout Leadership Institute

What is the Girl Scout Leadership Institute?

  • The Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI) is a triennial conference that provides girls 14 and older with three days of leadership skill-building activities tied to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE).
  • Girls want to make a real difference in the world, so GSLI 2014 will focus on big issues that girls across the country and around the globe are passionate about.
  • At GSLI, girls will
  1. Get the latest information on their chosen issues from experts in the field
  2. Work together on solutions with girls from around the globe
  3. Learn techniques for innovation, advocacy, and planning
  4. Return home ready to make a specific impact in their communities and councils
  • The GSLI experience will give each girl the opportunity to make new friends,develop important skills, learn about new planning processes, and take advantage of a support system that will be there to meet her needs—all in a fun and engaging way.

Your Role

  • The National Council of the Girl Scouts of the USA meets every three years to make decisions that impact the future of the organization. The meeting in 2014 will be held...HERE, home in Salt Lake City, Utah and our Council gets the opportunity to attend National Convention in many capacities (other than hosting). One is the National Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI), held prior to the beginning of the formal meeting and is specifically for Girl Scouts. Our group of girls have an AMAZING opportunity to not only attend this leadership conference, but also to represent how wonderful Girl Scouting in Utah is to Girl Scouts from across the nation and world. If you are interested in being a social advocate, impacting change in your community and world, making a difference, and learning how to take action, this is a perfect opportunity for you!
  • The Girl Scout Leadership Institute 2014 will focus on 7 different topics:
  1. teen violence
  2. healthy relationships
  3. basic needs (such as hunger, poverty, homelessness, and natural disaster relief)
  4. inclusion/diversity
  5. self-image/body image
  6. education
  7. the status of women
  • Girls who participate in GSLI will be asked to do a Take Action project in their communities after the conclusion of National Convention. This is a true opportunity to make a difference in the world with something you are passionate about!

Logistics and Pricing

  • All members of the GSLI must be 14 or older by 10/16/14 and registered girl members of the Girl Scouts of Utah
  • The GSLI runs from October 16th, 2014-October 19th, 2014
  • Cost to participants varies: Girls have the option of staying in a hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City, or returning home every night. Girls that go home every night will be expected to stay and return at a specific time determined by the Council Chaperone.  
  1. Program cost with hotel: $575-Your cost with GSU assistance:$325
  2. Program cost without hotel: $425- Your cost with GSU assistance:$175

GSU will provide assistance to all participants selected

  • Applications are due:  April 18th 2014

Interviews will be scheduled during this time:  April 21st- April 30th 2014
If selected a non-refundable deposit of $50 is due: May 9th 2014
You may make monthly payments until September 1st 2014.
 Final payment due: September 1st 2014

  • Activity Credits accepted | Limit: 20

If selected, plan on a group activity at Trefoil Ranch before October. More information to come! If you have any questions please contact Carly Cahoon at ccahoon@gsutah.org


Click here to apply

  • Note that you will need 2 letters of reference (one from within Girl Scouting and one outside of Girl Scouting. Both letters need to be from someone unrelated to you)
  • Applications are due April 18th
  • All girls selected to participate in GSLI will need to conduct an interview first

Photos from 2011 National Convention Houston, TX.