Community Delegate Training I

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This is the first of two trainings that will provide information about the Girl Scout governance process and the responsibilities and opportunities for Community Delegates.  View the video and answer the questions that follow to receive credit for this training.

Required for all Community Delegates.

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Question 1:

What is contained in the Blue Book of Basic Documents?

Question 2:

What is the length of term for a National Delegate?

Question 3:

What are bylaws?

Question 4:

Complete this statement - "The ultimate responsibility . . . ."

Question 5:

What is an example of an action taken by the National Girl Scout Council?

Question 6:

What are the core values of GSUSA's democratic process?

Question 7:

What are the requirements to apply to be a National Delegate?

Question 8:

How is GSUSA's governance similar to our local legislature?