Community Delegate Training II

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This is the continutation of Community Delegate Training I and will provide specific information about the structure of Girl Scouts of Utah, the decision-making process and how you can make a difference in Girl Scouting and the world!  View the video below and answer the questions that follow to receive credit for this training.

Required for all Community Delegates.

* Please fill out all questions before you submit.

Question 1:

Why do we have a Board of Directors?

Question 2:

Which meetings are delegates required to attend?

Question 3:

What information is provided to Alternate Delegates?

Question 4:

What area does Girl Scouts of Utah cover?

Question 5:

How many Delegates are elected to each Girl Scout Community?

Question 6:

List 2 responsibilities of the Board Development Committee.

Question 7:

List 3 benefits of being a Delegate.

Question 8:

Who is responsible for hiring and evaluating the CEO at GSU?