Take Action Projects

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What does it mean to Take Action?  How is a Take Action project different from a service project?  What do Take Action projects have to do with the Girl Scout Highest Awards?  Find the answers to these questions and more in this training on one of the 3 Keys of Leadership.

This training is recommended for girls and adults participating in Take Action projects and/or pursuing Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

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Question 1:

How many Outcomes are there in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience?

Question 2:

What is missing in the following Take Action formula: Girl Led + Root Cause + Community Service + ____________ + Measurable Outcomes = Take Action

Question 3:

Why is Take Action important?

Question 4:

There are multiple times when you can do a Take Action project

Question 5:

The Girl Scout Silver Award can be earned by

Question 6:

A Girl Scout Gold Award has a minimum hour requirement of

Question 7:

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is a prerequisite to earning your Silver Award.