Troop Leader Basics

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Learn the basics of running a troop, including the elements of a troop meeting, utilizing Kaper charts, meeting with girls for the first time, how to include parents/guardians, and creating a team agreement.  View the short video and complete the questions that follow to receive credit for this training.

Recommended for all troop leaders.

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Question 1:

Who chooses the Journeys, badges, and other activities for the troop to do throughout the year?

Question 2:

What can you include in a troop meeting?

Question 3:

Which troop leadership opportunity do you think you will choose for your girls and why?

Question 4:

Every troop should be doing the same activities, Journeys, and badges every year.

Question 5:

As a troop leader, who can you ask for help?

Question 6:

When and where does your Community Leadership Team meet?