Troop Finances

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Girl Scouts use resources wisely and that includes our financial resources!  This training will provide information about troop bank accounts, sponsorships, donations, annual financial reports, and money earning projects.  View the video below and answer the questions that follow to receive credit for this training.

Recommended for all troop leaders.

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Question 1:

If a girl leaves a troop, she can withdraw the money she helped earn as part of a troop money-earning activity.

Question 2:

What is the first thing a parent/guardian must do if he/she would like to assist with troop finances?

Question 3:

What amount of money must be deposited in the troop bank account?

Question 4:

Troop donations of any amount can be handled exclusively by the troop leaders

Question 5:

What happens to troop money when a troop disbands?

Question 6:

When are troop financial reports due to the Community Finance Representative?

Question 7:

Who can ask to see your troop financial records?

Question 8:

Who must sign off on a troop money earning activity?

Question 9:

A girl must participate in a money earning project (i.e. cookies) if the whole troop is participating.

Question 10:

Money-earning activities must comply with Utah laws.