Volunteer Essentials

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Volunteer Essentials provides an introduction to Girl Scouting, including the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, following the progression model with girls, keeping girls safe during activities, Girl Scout jargon, and important volunteer policies.  View the video and answer the questions below to learn more about the world of Girl Scouts!

This training is recommended for all Girl Scout volunteers, new and experienced.


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Question 1:

What are the different ways girls can participate in Girl Scouting?

Question 2:

The three keys to leadership are:

Question 3:

Girls do the same activities, regardless of their grade level.

Question 4:

Which books/publications will help you to understand the policies and safety requirements for Girl Scout activities?

Question 5:

How many adults are always required to be at Girl Scout activities or troop meetings?

Question 6:

What is the official adult uniform for Girl Scout volunteers?

Question 7:

Which training would you like to take next?