Top Sellers

4,278 boxes

In an extraordinary feat, Maya from troop 2010 in the Box Elder Service Unit has done something few girls have ever done in the history of GSU by being the top cookie seller three years in a row! This year, she sold an astounding 4,278 boxes.

Maya says: “I’m not from a big town, but I can still do big things.”

3,516 boxes

Ashley, from troop 61 in the Tooele Service Unit sold 3,516 boxes and tied for second place among the top sellers. She is excited to use her activity credits this year at camp, and all the fun troop events they do year around.

Ashley said, “I learned that I can do absolutely anything if I set my mind to it, and believe in myself.” So what’s next?

3,516 boxes

From troop 1123, Christina had sold 3,516 boxes and she was ecstatic. Accomplishing her cookie goal is the first step to something even bigger: a foreign adventure! Christina plan to use the money for an education trip through the destinations program to Europe.

Learning she had tied for second place for most cookies sold in Utah, Christina Gunderson yelled, “I really did that!?”

3,333 boxes

Kaitlyn sold an astounding 3,333 boxes! She’s not a novice at selling cookies, she’s been doing it for a couple years, but she said it was more of a struggle this year because the weather did not cooperate!

Kaitlyn said selling Girl Scout Cookies makes her happy, “because knowing that I’ve done something that is going to help me be my best in the future is the best thing I could hope for through the Cookie Program!”