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Bring S'more Friends

Girl Scouts makes a difference in girls' lives. Now, imagine if even more girls had the chance to step outside their comfort zones and build courage, confidence, and character with Girl Scout sisters cheering them on and lifting them up.

There's never been a better time to invite more girls to join Girl Scouts! Girls who participate in our Bring S'more Friends program will not only have the chance to share the excitement of Girl Scouts with their friends, but will also be eligible for rewards! 

Earn S'more Rewards

Girl members who bring a friend to a Bring S'more Friends event who then registers for Girl Scouts will receive a free Come Together S'more patch. If five or more of a girl's friends join Girl Scouts, she earns a Have S'more Fun t-shirt!

Troops can also earn rewards when girls invite friends to join. By hosting a Bring S'more Friends event, troops can earn:

  • Entry into monthly drawing for $25 Joann Fabric & Crafts gift card
    • Each girl added to your troop is one entry into the drawing
  • Party in a box
    • Troops must increase their membership by 30 percent to be eligible. Troops with fewer than ten girls must add a minimum of three new girls. 

For entry into the monthly drawing, troop leaders must fill out the Monthly Drawing Form by the end of the month in which the recruitment event was held. For the party in a box and girl rewards, troop leaders must fill out the Troop Recruitment Form by December 18.
Troop Recruitment-Monthly Drawing Form

How do you Bring S'more Friends!

  1. Host a Bring S'more Friends recruitment meeting for your troop or Service Unit area. Girls are encouraged to invite non-Girl Scout friends. Invitations are available; see below for how to request.
  2. Invite the girls' friends to join Girl Scouts or invite them to attend an upcoming virtual open house or meetup.
  3. Once new girls have joined, troop leaders must submit a recruitment form so troops and girls can receive their rewards. Troop Recruitment Form

Tips and Tricks for Success

  • Hold a Bring S'more Friends information meeting. Focus on having your girls invite their friends to show them what Girl Scouts is all about!
  • Ask each girl to invite one or more friends to the event. Give each girl invitation cards to hand out to her friends. You can contact Kleo at to request Bring S'more Friends invitation cards. 
  • Have Girl Membership Forms and Adult Membership Forms ready to fill out at your Bring S'more Friends meeting!    

Frequently Asked Questions

My troop is full, now what?

If your troop is full, a new family can look for other options by searching for troops in the Opportunity Catalog.

Girl Scouts of Utah staff members are also here to help place girls in troops.

If no troop can be identified that meets the needs of the family, a girl can become an individually registered girl member and participate in Girl Scouting independently as a Juliette.

Juliettes are full members and can participate in Girl Scouts in many ways, from selling cookies to going to camp! Juliettes are able to build their own Girl Scout experience by working with a caring adult and participating at their own pace.

What's the benefit of a bigger troop?

A larger troop size will give the troop many benefits:

  • More girls can expand, develop, and enhance their leadership skills.
  • More girls get an opportunity to experience cooperative learning.
  • Your troop environment can be more diverse and inclusive.
  • You will have greater participation and sufficient attendance at meetings, programs, and events.
  • You can ask more adults to help with troop activities and share the responsibilities. 
How do I recruit new girls?

We can help you with resources to guide you through recruiting new girls.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Make sure your troop is listed in the Opportunity Catalog.
  • Host a "Bring a Friend" troop meeting.
  • Encourage and provide “Make S’more Friends” invitation cards for the girls in your troop to hand out to all of their friends to attend your next Troop Meeting. Cards can be requested by emailing or calling (801) 716-5109. Click here to preview the invitation cards!
  • Showcase what your troop loves to do most at a school or community event.
What if more than one girl asks the same friend to join?

We would be thrilled if multiple girls asked the same friend to join their troop, that means she would probably make a great Girl Scout!

If more than one girl asks the same friend to join, both Girl Scouts and the friend will receive the reward if the friend registers as a new member.

Leaders will need to email Kleo Kobe to get the additional patch. 

How can I add new girls to my troop without posting my troop on Girl Scout website?

You can tell the girl and her family to select “Unsure” for the troop during the registration process, and then list the troop number or leader name in the pop-up window. 

Please let us know if you’re expecting a new girl to join your troop by emailing her name to

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

We have wonderful staff members who are professionals at recruiting girls to join Girl Scouts! They’d love to help answer any questions you have.

Madison Memmott, Placement Specialist or (801) 716-5109

Amanda Davis, Recruitment Specialist or (801) 613-0169 


Notes about the promotion:

  • New Girl Scouts must register between August 10 - December 18, 2020 to be eligible for the Bring S'more Friends rewards.
  • Girls must be a registered Girl Scout for the 2021 membership year. Rewards will be mailed after January 11, 2021. 
  • Leaders must be registered Girl Scout members and have a current background check on file for the 2021 membership year.
  • The troop party in a box reward will provide enough materials for 12 girls and will be ready for distribution or delivery after January 11, 2021.
  • Winners from the monthly drawings will be notified after the second business day of the following month.