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Juliettes are Girl Scouts of all grade levels who are not affiliated with a troop.  Working with a parent or other caring adult, Juliettes create their own unique experience, participating in Girl Scouting when they want and where they want. The possibilities are endless!

Juliettes are full-fledged Girl Scouts and have the full range of Girl Scout experiences from which to choose.  All Girl Scouts (whether Juliettes or in a troop) can earn badges and awards, go to camp, participate in in the cookie program, attend Girl Scout events hosted by the council (statewide) and in your own community (local), and travel. 

Ways to get involved:

Badges and Awards: Get your very own Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting and Journeybooks through the Girl Scout Shop and get started today!

Camp: Girl Scouts offers a variety of camp programs including day camp, minicamps, and resident camps.

Cookies: The cookie program is the perfect opportunity to develop skills in entrepreneurship, goal setting, and leadership. It also provides a way for you to fund your own Girl Scout experience. By participating in the cookie program you may earn activity credits to pay for camp, badges, books, uniforms, activities, and even your registration fee for next year. If you would like to participate, contact Mindy Harmon, Program Coordinator, in November.

Events: Girl Scouts of Utah offers a variety of fun and educational events year-round across the state. Girls are welcome to attend as many or as few events as they like.

Travel: Girls in grades 6 to 12 can take their Girl Scout experience to a whole new level as they travel the globe through Girl Scouts!  Girl Scouting sponsors regional, national, and international trips.