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Camping for a Cause

Support Girl Scouts of Utah's camps with the Camping for a Cause virtual silent auction! Every donation helps provide girls with the life changing gift of summer camp. Bid on a variety of bundles that include things like a staycation, fine jewelry, a night at the theater, children’s activities, and so much more. There is something for everyone!

The online auction opens 8:00 a.m. on August 13 and closes 5:00 p.m. on August 14, but you can preview the items in advance. You must register in order to participate in the silent auction. Register and preview the available item

REimagine | REenergize | REconnect

REdiscover creative play this summer

Camp Cloud Rim | Park City
Adults 21+ | Tickets $150

REimagine, REenergize, and REconnect with Camping for a Cause! Women are invited to explore the outdoors, express their inner artist, and be their best selves. Take in the scenery of Camp Cloud Rim and participate in a variety of activities in a women-only environment. Kick off the day with Dr. Shannon Simonelli as she guides us in a playful movement session to ground ourselves for a day of amazing presentations. Tap into your creativity with the REimagine path, align your health with REenergize, focus on yourself with REconnect, or choose workshops in each path. Each session has a variety of workshops available.

Tickets are $150 each and include a champange brunch and lunch. SWAG bags are $50; include the exclusive add-on items for $25. 

Camping for a Cause Schedule

8:30 a.m. – Registration opens
9:00–11:00 a.m. – Welcome with keynote speaker Dr. Shannon Simonelli, champagne brunch, mission moment
11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Session 1
12:15–1:00 p.m. – Session 2
1:00–2:00 p.m. – Lunch
2:15–3:00 p.m. – Session 3
3:15 p.m. – Closing ceremony

Session 1 – 11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Session 1 workshops

  • Outdoor Photography
  • Tune in to Your Creative Spark
  • Pottery
  • Hike
  • Lake Activities
  • Holistic Health and Nutrition
  • Living What You Most Value
  • From Advice to Coaching
  • The Power of Vulnerability*
    *Special extended session 11:15 a.m. –  12:45 p.m.*
Session 2 – 12:15–1:00 p.m.

Session 2 workshops

  • The Joy of Doodling
  • Pottery
  • Hike
  • Tai Chi Qigong Play Shop
  • Lake Activities
  • The ART of Letting Go
Session 3 – 2:15–3:00 p.m.

Session 3 workshops

  • The Joy of Doodling
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Tai Chi Qigong Play Shop
  • Hike
  • Lake Activities
  • Holistic Health & Nutrition
  • The ART of Letting Go
  • The Power of Vulnerability*
    *Special extended session 1:15–3:00 p.m.*

Workshop Descriptions

Get ready to REdiscover creative play! Review the workshops in the REimagine, REenergize, and REconnect paths, including brief descriptions and bios of the person leading each one.

Outdoor Photography – Mehrdad Samie

About Outdoor Photography:
Shoot photos with intent. Bring your camera, whether it's your Apple or Android phone or digital camera, and go on a journey with Samie as he teaches you how to take pictures with intent. Find him on instagram for inspiration: @fonyfacade.

About Mehdrad Samie:
Mehrdad Samie has over 25 years of experience in design and renovation of historic, midcentury modern, and contemporary modern architecture. He received a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Utah in 1989 and an art degree from Weber State University in 1983. He has been involved in planning, programming, and design projects for Snow College, Southern Utah University, Brigham Young University, The University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, and BYU-Idaho, as well as several projects for the National Park and U. S. Forest Services.

Tune in to Your Creative Spark – Dr. Shannon Simonelli

About Tune in to Your Creative Spark:
Dr. Shannon Simonelli will kick off the day in her keynote, guiding us in a playful movement session to ground ourselves for a day of amazing presentations.

During her workshop, tune into your own creative spark through movement, imagination, and reflection. This is a deeper, more intimate exploration with Dr. Shannon Simonelli to cultivate the spark of what matters most.

About Dr. Shannon Simonelli:
Dr. Shannon has spent 20 years studying and developing innovative therapies that get people out of their seats, tune into their bodies, and use their powerful imaginations. Her fresh and evidence-based approaches to learning, including creative arts and movement therapies, engage participants, produce insights, and generate lasting change.

Pottery – GSU Staff

About Pottery:
Spend some time on a pottery wheel with Camp Cloud Rim’s Art Director. Wear clothes that are ok to get dirty and remove all jewelry prior to the workshop.

This workshop is run by GSU Staff.

The Joy of Doodling – Pauline Ploquin

About The Joy of Doodling
When is the last time you doodled? Perhaps you already doodle while on a long zoom call or you haven’t dared to draw since childhood. Drawing has a powerful effect on our brain and wellbeing, and yet it has likely been stifled by the demands of life and by our very own inner critic. We will learn to let go of that pesky inner critic, discuss some very simple tips for drawing anything that strikes your fancy, and rediscover the joy of drawing. Pauline will demonstrate techniques for including drawing in your daily life and even integrating it into brainstorming/visualization boards. No prior drawing or creative experience needed. Just come ready to have fun!

About Pauline Ploquin
Pauline Ploquin is the president of Struck, a premiere creative marketing agency headquartered in Salt Lake City. Pauline is originally from France and spent large portions of her childhood in Africa before moving to the US as a young adult for school. With 25 years of experience in the marketing and creative industry and 10 years in executive leadership, she currently serves on the board of The Road Home and on the Board of Governors for the Salt Lake Chamber. She’s passionate about human rights, diversity, inclusion and equity, and empowering women and minorities to thrive in the corporate world. She lives with her fun-loving husband and very friendly cat Bonobo. In her spare time she loves to cook, hang out with friends and family, meditate, do yoga, travel, read, hike, ski, journal, write poetry, and draw.

Hike – GSU Staff

About the hike:
Enjoy a short hike around Cloud Rim and take in the natural world around you. Led by Camp Cloud Rim staff, explore the beautiful trails around the camp.

This workshop is run by GSU Staff.

Lake Activities – GSU Staff

About the lake activities:
A highlight of Camp Cloud Rim is beautiful Lake Brimhall, home to many different waterfront activities. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboadring, or swimming in this alpine lake. Activities will be unstructured – have fun on your own or with your friends!

This workshop is run by GSU Staff.

Holistic Health & Nutrition – Sonie Stephens

About Holistic Health & Nutrition
With thousands of diet plans and conflicting dietary advice at every turn, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to your health. Sonie Stephens, certified Health Coach, is here to discuss finding what works for YOU. Sonie's session will discuss the idea of bio-individuality while also offering tips and tricks to stay on the path to wellness. Eating well and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is within reach – sometimes we just need a little help getting there.

About Sonie Stephens
With a passion for all things health and nutrition, Sonie became a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition – the world’s largest nutrition school. She takes a whole body approach, addressing all aspects to achieve optimal health and balance. When Sonie's not coaching clients or whipping up something yummy in the kitchen, you can find her lounging outside with a glass of wine, hiking in the Wasatch mountains or traveling.

Tai Chi Qigong Play Shop – Scott White

About Tai Chi Qigong Play Shop:
Through 10 body movements focusing on Earth/Body, Heart-Mind, and Spirit. Through Qigong (Chi Kung) or Tai Chi (Taiji), you will develop a cultivation of your health, of your true nature, of your inner potential, and of the light of your spirit. All of these movements yield a bountiful personal harvest of the body, mind, and soul, with the goal to be in tune with the dynamics of the seasons and the elements of nature.

About Scott White:
Through his years of exercise sports science study and 25 years as a personal fitness and sports trainer, gym owner, and health coach, Scott discovered a passion for one of the oldest forms of healing exercise: Qigong and Tai Chi. Scott is the founder of Qigong and Tai Chi Utah, and is a certified teacher of Qigong and Tai Chi through the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. He is also certified in Tai Chi Easy™ and Tai Chi Chair through the Healer Within Foundation. Scott also teaches Guo Lin Walking Qigong for Cancer. 

Living What You Most Value – Allison Barlow

About Living What You Most Value:
Clarity on what you most value and living what you most value brings a life of well-being, congruency, and peace of mind. It also allows you to honor your boundaries and the boundaries of others due to your conscious awareness. Knowing your values helps make decisions in difficult of times and helps remove the clutter of our busy world. Together we’ll identify your values and define the behaviors and explore supportive methods for living your values. Let’s discover what’s most important to you and begin the journey to a happier, healthier you.

About Allison Barlow:
Allison Barlow provides small to mid-size companies with people strategies and expertise of a Human Resource executive, helping ensure laser focus alignment and effective business results. The strength of such alignment taps into the human motivation of ones workforce, ensuring the opportunity for employees, clients, and the organization to thrive. It's about people!

From Advice to Coaching – Allison Gerrard

About From Advice to Coaching – Helping in a Way that Really Helps:
What is the best advice you have received? What is the best advice you have given? If the answer to the first question is “nothing comes to mind” and the answer to the second question is “all my advice is excellent, yet nobody seems to take it”, you are in good company.

When we give advice, we are sharing what has worked for us, and what worked for us will not necessarily work for others. Despite our best intentions, our advice can leave the other person feeling misunderstood, discouraged, and controlled.

In this workshop, we will discuss why much of the advice we give does not help, and identify the situations in which it may do more harm than good. We will explore our personal advice-giving styles and when we are most likely to give unsolicited advice. Finally, we will learn coaching techniques to begin helping in a way that makes others feel understood, empowered, and motivated.

About Allison Gerrard:
Allison knows how to get to the root of what makes a person tick and how to cultivate a caring and inclusive group environment in which that person can thrive. With nearly 20 years of experience managing diverse teams large and small, and an education focused on human behavior, Allison learned what it takes to get values, needs, and goals aligned. Beginning with a one-on-one approach, Allison follows with group experiences to build a team portrait that takes into account individual life experiences and how they contribute to the group dynamic. With that visible to the group, it becomes a meaningful tool for defining values and goals that inspire well-being and greater productivity in everyone.

The Power of Vulnerability (extended workshop) – Teri Orr

**This workshop is offered in an extended format**

About The Power of Vulnerability:
Genius insists you drop everything. What if genius isn’t something you are born with but rather something that visits you from time to time? Instead of the hubris that someone IS a genius, try shifting to thinking everyone HAS a genius. If you aren’t ready and open and willing in the moment to drop everything else and receive the genius, then the genius will go on to the next person in that moment. It isn’t a one time thing, but it is both rare and real. And you already know this, you just didn’t know the language. In this double session learn how to open yourself to drop everything when your genius comes passing through.

About Teri Orr:
Teri Orr has been writing all her life. She's had a column in The Park Record newspaper since 1979–Utah’s longest continuous columnist. She was editor of The Record for eight years starting in the late 80s and later left to found the Park City Institute and help build the Eccles Center in Park City. She served as the Executive Director for 25 years, raising more than 50 million dollars while presenting cutting-edge dance, theater, music, and speakers to the community. She also helped establish the Peace House, a shelter for abused women, that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. In 2007, Terri was invited into the TED community and received one of the first TEDx global licenses just two years later. TED has sent her to Doha, Edinburgh, Tanzania, and multiple locations in North America. 

The ART of Letting Go – Marla Dee

About The ART of Letting Go: 
There are so many reasons we hold on to the stuff, patterns, beliefs, and even people long after they have served their purpose. They can represent who we were or who we want to be. Letting go can be loaded. In this session, you will explore the ART of letting go – Acceptance, Release and Trust. You will leave knowing where in your life you can start letting go and what actions to take. This will create open space for new creations to come in.

About Marla Dee:
Marla Dee has been a professional organizer for 22 years. She has seen the pain, the overwhelm, and desperate desire for change. Marla is the creator of the Clear & Simple Way to get free of clutter and get organized. Her passion is teaching simple steps that make this journey easy and even fun. Marla is a master messenger who has appeared on numerous TV, radio, and podcast programs throughout the years. She is the author of Get Organized, The Clear & SIMPLE Way and The ART of Letting Go and others. If you are ready for a change, Marla will set you free of the clutter and chaos at last!


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