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Daisy & Brownies Snacks - Camping Edition (Virtual) - Grades K-3 - March, 27, 2021

Sat Mar 27, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM MDT
Life Skills, Outdoor
Brownies, Daisies

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Especially while out camping! Daisies and Brownies will join one of our camp directors as we create both savory and sweet snacks that are perfect to add to any camping trip. We will talk about ways to make your snacks while at a campsite, but no campsite is required for this program. You can also make these snacks from the comfort of your own home. During this session we will work on the Brownie Snacks. 

An adult should be present with girls during the program to assist with kitchen safety.

Ingredients needed (not included): sandwich bread, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, favorite pizza toppings, butter, honey, brown sugar, quick-cook oats, crispy rice cereal, vanilla, mini chocolate chips, cooking spray, grapes, pretzel sticks, cheddar cheese, red bell pepper, carrots, banana, and marshmallows.

Supplies needed (not included): campfire pit or oven, camping stove or stovetop, hot pads, foil, butter knife, pie iron (if available), pan or griddle, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, small pot, small jelly roll pan, parchment paper, sharp knife, cutting board, eating utensils, and plates.