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SENSE-able Science for Brownies at NHMU (Salt Lake) - Grades 2-3, Adults - Dec 18, 2021

Sat Dec 18, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM MDT
Volunteers, Brownies

You are a scientific wonder! Investigate how humans and animals perceive the world using the five senses. Scouts will listen to their heartbeat, create a map of their tongue, explore the difference in location of eyes on predator and prey animals, and come to understand how important the five senses are. This workshop fulfills all requirements for the badge. Badges available for purchase at the GSU Shop. Tagalongs are not allowed. Girls do not need to attend with an adult, but adults must register to attend due to capacities. COVID precautions at time of the event will be in place.

All questions about this event should be directed to our member support team at or 801-265-8472. Please do not contact the community partner.