Through Girl Scouting, girls can participate in programs that focus on Advocacy. The Advocacy initiative inspires girls to lead with courage, confidence, and character to identify their passions and interests and to make a lasting and impactful change in the world. At Girl Scouts of Utah, we specifically help girls advocate in three different categories: Government and Civic Engagement, Human Rights and Social Justice, and Environmental Stewardship. Through learning how to use their voice and standing up for a cause, girls are influencing change and finding ways to be counted and be heard. In the United States, women make up 51% of the population—however women only make up 17% of Congress. Girls need to learn to use their voice and be heard! Whether they want to be the future President of the United States, a teacher of students, a scientist, or a homemaker, Girl Scouting believes in building girls who are confident in their abilities to stand up in what they believe in and giving them the tools to make a difference in the world.

For more information regarding Advocacy-related programs and activities, visit the GSU GO! Event Guide!