Become a Volunteer Trainer

To better serve more than 8,000 girls and 3,000 adults, experienced and dedicated volunteers are needed to become Girl Scout trainers.

Who can be a Trainer?

Anyone! Trainers may be volunteers who have served the council in other ways such as leaders, service team members, first aiders or group/troop members.
Girl Scouts of Utah trainers may teach any of the adult trainings listed in this catalog and girl trainings listed in GSU’s Pathways to Fun Stuff in Girl Scouting.
Adult must be 18 years of age and a currently registered adult member of Girl Scouts of USA and has passed a criminal background check (CBC) generated by GSU.

Apply to be a Trainer:

  1. Read the Volunteer Trainer Position Description. Download Here
  2. Submit a Volunteer Trainer Interest letter. Download Here
  3. Submit three reference letters. Download Here

Once the Training and Development Coordinator has received the interest letter and the three reference letters, they will contact the candidate for an interview. Based on the needs for the council , and the candidate’s fit as a trainer, the volunteer will be invited to:

  1. Attend a Train-the-Trainer class. Candidates will be notified of dates and times.

  2. Go through the “Apprentice” progression.
    1. Sit-in on two trainings.
    2. Co-train one training.
    3. Train your 1st training with an experienced trainer. 

For more information e-mail the Training and Development Coordinator at