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Day Camps

Girls can experience camp for a day in their area, hosted by their area Community Leadership Team. Day Camps are held over a three day period in various locations, including parks, churches, and community centers. Registration is handled by individual Communities.

Girls Can Do Anything! Juniper Community Twilight Camp

(June 26-28)

Food, Fun, and Games Day Camp with Mt. Olympus (June 18-20)

Girl Scouts of the Caribbean with Francis Peak (August 9-11)

Once Upon a Day Camp with Crystal View (June 5-7)

Camp Paleontology with Red Rocks! (Grades K-5) (July 25-27)

Camp Paleontology with Red Rocks! (Grades 4-12) (July 17-20)

Build Your Skills at Day Camp with Four Valley (July 30-31)

Little Engineers Day Camp with Cache Community (August 3-4)

Scavenger Girls with Timpanogos Community! (June 25-27)

B.F.G. Big Fun Games with Oquirrh Community (June 21-23)

Contact Info:

All 2018 Day Camps are listed on the Activities Calendar.


Contact: or (801) 265-8472
24 Hour Emergency Line: 801-483-3413