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New Troop Leader Support


As part of your training, you must complete each of the 6 step New Troop Leader Checklist.

Please download your Troop Leader Manual which will help you accomplish each step. 


New Troop Checklist: 6 Steps

1. Start Required Training

Girl Scouts of USA: Girl Scouting 101

45min training about the history and vision of Girl Scouts of the USA.

New Troop Leader Training

This course is required, and will tell you everything you need to know to be a successful Troop Leader!
  1. Sign up for a classroom course. These courses are available at our 3 Girl Scout offices (SCL, Ogden, and American Fork) and are offered multiple times throughout the year. Check out the Activities tab on our website to look for the next New Troop Leader Training classroom course. Click the course title to go to the registration page.
  2. Take the online course. This is an interactive course that takes approximatly 1 hour to complete. This training works best on a laptop or desktop computer. Online Course.

2. Decide on a Troop Meeting Place and Time
Determine what is the best time for you and your co-leader to meet as a troop.

You need to determine:                                                       

  • Meeting time
  • Meeting day
  • Meeting frequency (every other week)
  • Meeting place.

 You will need to report this information to Member Support at

3. Select your Volunteer Toolkit Year Plan and Locate Your Online Resources
Pick and customize your Year Plan in the Volunteer Toolkit!
You can always go in to update your year plan anytime!


Volunteer Essentials

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Program Opportunities

Online Support for Volunteers

Sample Parent Meeting

Parent Interest Survey

4. Hold a Parent / Guardian Meeting
Holding a Parent/ Guardain Meeting is crucial in sustaining the health and success of the troop.

Parents should be expected to help in some way. They can be a troop treasurer, a troop cookie manager, teach a badge, or help at a cookie booth.

See the resources below for more information about parent meetings.

5. Set Up a Troop Bank Account
Complete required forms for Wells Fargo bank account and submit them to Girl Scouts of Utah Finance Department by fax or in-person. 

We will set the account up for you - no need to go into the bank!  You will receive your troop debit card directly from Wells Fargo.

Click HERE for paperwork. Do not complete this step until you and your co-leader have:

  • Completed registration and the criminal background check and 
  • Have at least 5 girls in your troop

If you are unsure what to fill out in the paperwork, please see the completed New Troop Bank Account Example form

6. Meet or Contact Your Girl Scout Community
Get involved to receive support and opportunities for your girls!  

Girl Scout troops are divided into 33 regional areas called "Communities." These are organized by local volunteers called the Community Leadership Team.

These volunteers organize meetings to network with other troop leaders and to give trainings. They also plan, along with the girls, local events and activities.


After you have done your trainings (Step 1), you will receive the contact information of your local community.



Resources for New Troop Leaders

Troop Leader Manual- Please download this manual and use it to follow along with your Girl Scouts of Utah: Girl Scouting 102 training video. It has all necessary links to other resources.

Parent Interest Survey- Use this form to find out the experience, interests and background of your parents. You can modify this document to fit badge requirements that your troop might participate in this year. 

Parent Meeting PowerPoint- Use this PowerPoint when you present to your Parents. It will help everyone learn more about safety, cost, activities and cookies. It will also get parents excited to participate!