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  • Arlene Dart– Dedicated Girl Scout

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  • 1981 Mt. Rainier Expedition

    Girl Scouts can do anything, set your goals, overcome obstacles, rework your plan, and achieve your dreams!  That is the power of Girl Scouts and our very own Fran Bush from the Heritage Committee has been out in the community learning about the adventures of a Girl Scout with a BIG dream from 1981!

    So begins our story of Tammy, a Utah Girl Scout, who learned that climbing the fireplace at Camp Cloud Rim can inspires dreams. Many years ago at theage of sixteen, Tammy dreamed of climbing Mt. Whitney in Alaska and she focused on making that dream a reality.  She would need to train heavily, get other Girl Scouts involved, build a fundraising plan, and put together the details for the trip.....

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  • Utah Girl Scouts Among Nation’s Most Effective at Cookie Sales

    SALT LAKE CITY -- For so many young women in the Beehive State, knocking on that first door is scary.  But, girls as young as five make Utah one of the top-selling states for Girl Scout cookies, and the lessons they take away are just plain sweet...

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  • We're Hiring!

  • GSU Stories From the Past

    Fran Bush, from the Girl Scouts of Utah’s Heritage Committee, has been out and about collecting more of GSU history!  This month she brings us the story of Pat Corey, a Girl Scout mom and leader.

  • The Heritage Committee Brings Girl Scouts' Past into the Present

  • Girl Scouts of Utah Presents a Special Evening with Beauty Redefined

    Girl Scouts of Utah invites girls, grade 5 -12, and their caregivers to a special presentation on positive body image and healthy living featuring Lindsay Kite, PhD, and Lexie Kite, PhD, of Beauty Redefined. Whether you are an active member or simply curious about where Girl Scouts can fit into your family’s schedule, be part of this event!

    Photoshop and diets and cosmetic surgery, oh my! Are you fed up with the media telling you what you should look like? Are you ready to take back beauty for females everywhere? If you’re a female or have a female in your life, then join us for this special evening. The way we feel about ourselves is the core of healthy living. Discover inner strength, true beauty, and what it means to be a friend first. We’ll arm you with strategies to redefine beauty and health in ways that promote real fitness, confidence, happiness, and love for yourself and others. Be empowered to make a difference in the world, starting with yourself! This could change everything!

    Free event open to current Girl Scouts members and all others.
    Space is limited and reservation is required

    Event made possible by the B.W. Bastian Foundation and R. Harold Burton Foundation



  • Camporee 2015

    It happens only once every three years, but Camporee 2015 was worth the wait with horseback riding, hiking, a Dutch oven cooking contest, and outdoor adventures with all of our friends at Trefoil Ranch!

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  • Be a Girl Scout Ranger

    Girl Scouts is excited to announce a partnership with the National Park Service to launch the “Girl Scout Ranger Program,” a joint venture connecting girls with National Park Service sites throughout the United States, including monuments, seashores, and urban sites.

    Through the program, girls can participate in a variety of organized educational or outdoor service projects. Additionally, Girl Scouts may design their own project that aligns with their Girl Scout Journey experience, various badge activities, or a Take Action (“highest award”) project. Girls who successfully complete projects will be awarded certificates from the National Park Service and Girl Scout patches.

    “Providing girls with access to the outdoors is one of the cornerstones of the Girl Scout mission,” said Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of GSUSA. “Through terrific partnerships and programs like the Girl Scout Ranger Program, we offer girls a chance to engage in outdoor activities that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and a respect for the environment. We are proud to be teaming up with the National Park Service to help more Girl Scouts in more places experience everything the outdoors has to offer.”

    Girls and troops who wish to participate in the Girl Scout Ranger Program can visit the National Park Service website to locate a park (“Find Your Park”) near their home. There, they can also explore the history of the park and learn about its natural and cultural resources. Troop leaders a...

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  • Sign up for Another Year of Girl Scouts and Keep the Adventure Going!

    Don't miss out! Register now for the 2016 membership year by June 30. Incentives include:

    A fun patch for Girls!

    Troop leaders with at least five girls and two adults registered before June 30 will receive a Girl Scout lanyard. 

    Girl Scout Communities with 60% of their troops registered before June 30 will receive an official Girl Scouts of Utah lawn sign. Plus a New Incentive! Register 80% of troops by June 30 and community will receive a certificate good for up to $200 towards a Never the Same Weekend rental.*

    *Restrictions: Certificate to be applied October, 2015 –September, 2016. At least five girls and two adults must be registered.

    Elegibility requirements: Troop Financial Reports must be submitted to the Community Finance Representative at the time of renewal in order to be eligible for renewal incentives.