Girl Scout Leadership Experience

By being a Girl Scout, girls aren't just joining a club or selling some cookies. By being a Girl Scout, girls are becoming leaders interested in making the world a better place. Girl Scouts offers you something that nothing else can--the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Why is this important? It has proven results!
  • Virtually every female astronaut who has flown in space has been a Girl Scout.
  • Dr. Drew Filpin Faust, the first female president of Harvard University, was a Girl Scout.
  • Katie Couric, the first woman to anchor a network evening newscast, was a Girl Scout.
  • 70% of female Senators were Girl Scouts.
  • Girl Scout Alumnae rank themselves at 79% perceived success in leadership while Non-Girl Scouts only rank themselves at 62% perceived success in leadership.
  • Girl Scouts are more academically successful than non-Girl Scouts.
Volunteering with Girl Scouts and supporting the Girl Scout Leadership Experience can change a girl's life. Girl Scouting can help girls define their dreams and make them a reality, like it has for an estimated 59 million alumnae members. Girl Scouting helps girls discover themselves and their values, connects them to their community and friends, and gives them ways to take action to better themselves, their community, and the world.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Volunteer-Support
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience can't happen without volunteers, however the girls are the star. There are three Keys to Leadership: Discover, Connect, and Take Action. Adults and girls should interact together by following the three processes: Girl-led, Cooperartive Learning, and Learning by Doing. 
Following are some ways in which girls participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience:
Badgework: From artist to naturalist to athlete to innovation and everything in between, Girl Scout badges allows girls to discover more about things they're interested in. Girls can earn badges as an individual, with their troop, or with a few of their Girl Scouting friends. They can even make their own badge
Leadership Journeys: There are three series of Leadership Journeys: It's your Story-Tell it!, It's your World-Change it!,and It's your Planet-Love it! Each grade level has the option of three Leadership Journeys (falling into the previously listed categories). The Leadership Journey gives girls a chance to discover new things about herself and a topic, connect them with their family, friends, and community, and lastly to take action on something that they're passionate about. Girls can go on Leadership Journeys as an individual, with their troop, or with a few of their Girl Scouting friends.
BronzeSilver, and Gold Award: The Girl Scout's Highest Awards are girls' way of investing in their passion and finding ways to better the world. The Bronze (GS Juniors), Silver (GS Cadettes), and Gold (GS Seniors and Ambassadors) give girls the leadership skills that set them apart from their peers, make them stand out to colleges and on resumes, and helping them be successful throughout their life.
Girl Scouts of Utah's Events: Our events will connect girls to topics they're passionate about and that matters in their life. Our events focus on Healthy Living (media, bullying, and healthy lifestyles), Advocacy (government/civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and human rights/social justice), Outdoors, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and Financial Literacy (budgeting, business-owning, managing).
Teen Mentoring: Girl Scout Cadettes can become Program Aides, and Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can become Volunteers-in-Training! Girls learn to be leaders by finding out how to work with our younger Girl Scouts and by getting practical, hands-on experience being a leader.
Travel: One of the best ways to learn to be a leader is to travel the world. Girls will learn about themselves as theylearn about and connect to other cultures. They will also discover their ability to adapt and meet new people and girls may even be inspired to take action on an issue they discover while abroad!
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) is immersed in everything that that is done as a Girl Scout. If you have any questions about leadership opportunities, a girls' development as a leader, or your role in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, please contact