Here are some common questions and even concerns parents and volunteers have. If something isn’t addressed that you’ve got questions about, please feel free to call us at 835-800-2372.

Fiction: You have to wait for a troop to accept girls before your daughter can join.

Fact: There are no wait lists. Anyone can start a troop! The best way for your daughter to have a Girl Scout experience is for you to volunteer. Get a group of girls and adults in your area, and get a troop started today! Too busy to meet with a group of girls? You can help your daughter do the badges and journeys as an individually registered girl. She can participate in a lot of the series and events held by the Girl Scouts of Utah.

Fiction: You must be part of a religious group in order to be a Girl Scout.

Fact: We respect and work with all religious organizations, and have religious awards that girls receive from all denominations.

Fiction: You have to have been a Girl Scout to volunteer as a troop leader in the Girl Scouts.

Fact: Anyone can volunteer, it's never too late to be a Girl Scout. Your life experiences are valuable and unique. Share them with a troop today!

Fiction: I have no time to volunteer. I work and go to school.

Fact: The time that you volunteer is flexible, and can work into your busy life. If you volunteer as a troop leader, you can meet with your girls once a week, once a month, quarterly, it's up to you and your girls! Too busy to work with a troop? Volunteer at an event, or teach a series.

Fiction: You have to meet with your troop once a week.

Fact: You can meet with your girls once a week, once a month, quarterly, or in other increments that work well for you and the girls. It's flexible, and up to you.

Fiction: If I'm the troop leader, then I have to do all of the work.

Fact: Every troop has two leaders, a leader and a co-leader. We also encourage leaders to get the parents from the troop involved with the activities. Additionally, you can ask for help and advice from other troop leaders in your Service Unit, or from your Volunteer Services Coordinator. Our job is to support you so that your girls get the best experience.

Fiction: The only volunteer opportunities are to work with troops. My children are all grown, I'm not sure if I want to volunteer with a young group of girls again.

Fact: There are volunteer opportunities with events, series, camp, and at our offices at the Girl Scouts of Utah. Where do your skills lie? We can find a volunteer opportunity for you!

Fiction: You can only volunteer in your neighborhood.

Fact: You can volunteer wherever it is convenient for you.

Fiction: There is no training for volunteers.

Fact: Once you get started, there are initial trainings that you have with your Volunteer Services Manager and online trainings through the Girl Scouts of America website. After that, there are optional trainings offered throughout the year ranging from CPR first aid to Travel Training to Dutch Oven cooking.

Fiction: Only women can volunteer.

Fact: We welcome both male and female volunteers. With troops it is required that the primary leader is female, but a male co-leader is welcome. Men can also volunteer in the myriad of other volunteer opportunities with series, events, camping, and in the Girl Scout of Utah offices.

Fiction: You have to have a daughter to volunteer.

Fact: Anyone with a passion to see the girls of today become the leaders of tomorrow can volunteer.

Fiction: Girl Scouts only sell cookies.

Fact: We love our cookie program, it teaches girls money management, customer service, and public speaking skills, but the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is so much more than selling cookies! Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Girls learn about themselves, they learn new skills, they make friends, they travel, they camp, and they do valuable Take Action projects that contribute in a meaningful, sustainable way to the community.

Fiction: Girl Scouts is a feminist institution.

Fact: In Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization and does not promote political agendas and/or religions.