Do you enjoy the outdoors? Well, we do! So come and explore the world around you, whether in your own backyard, a mountain range, the deserts in Utah, or at one of Girl Scouts of Utah's awesome summer camps, year-round minicamps, or rental opportunities. Whether you are new at this or a seasoned Nature aficionado, GSU is here with resources and training to make you confident in the Outdoors!

Why are the outdoors important?

  1. 88% of children report using a computer every day, while only 11% of children report visitng a local park or natural area every day.
  2. 90% of children who spent time outside said being in nature and taking part in outdoor activities helped relieve stress.
  3. Spending time in Nature has proved to reduce behavioral problems and improve moods, attention spans, and short-term memory.

Journeys that align with the Outdoors

All programming is enhanced when done in Nature. Whether a Journey is directly linked to the outdoors or not, all Journeys can be done outside, which will increase the associated benefits.

Badges that align with the Outdoors


  • Hiker
  • Senses
  • Letterbox
  • Bugs


  • Camper
  • Gardner
  • Animal Habitats
  • Geocacher
  • Staying Fit


  • Trail Blazing
  • Animal Helpers
  • Night Owl
  • Trees
  • Good Sportsmanship


  • Adventurer
  • Traveler
  • Voice for Animals
  • Sky


  • Water
  • Public Policy

Girl Scouts of Utah Sponsored Patches that aligns with Outdoors