Every year at camp we see nervous, sometimes frightened, girls dropped off by their parents. By the time they leave camp a few days later, they are confident and happy. They have learned about many new things, like nature, pottery, rock climbing, and boating. Most importantly, they have made new friends that will last them a lifetime.

These 3-day to 3-week camps range in price from $95 to $350 per girl. However, the actual cost of camp without subsidization ranges as high as $185 to $760. Camp costs are kept affordable through diligent efforts of staff, and we will never cut corners where the health and safety of girls is concerned.

But we can't do it alone. Just as Girl Scouts may have impacted you in your youth, you can impact a girl's life today. With your gift, you allow a girl to experience Girl Scout Camp and make the Mission of Girl Scouting real for a girl who couldn't otherwise afford to go to camp.

If you believe that going to camp is a valuable way to increase self-confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of accomplishment, please join us in providing the camp experience to girls who cannot afford it. You CAN make a huge difference with even a small donation!

Share the power of the camp experience – be a Camp Champion! Make a donation to our campership fund now.

  • $450 to send 3 girls to Girl Scout Camp 
  • $300 to send 2 girls to Girl Scout Camp 
  • $150 to send 1 girl to Girl Scout Camp 
  • $75 to share the cost of sending one girl to camp 
  • $25 to help share the magic of Girl Scout Camp! 

"I'm a single mom; I work, I go to school, and I barely make ends meet. I am so grateful that you helped my daughter go to camp. She would not have been able to attend without the support of the Campership Fund."
- The mother of Amanda, a 9 year old Girl Scout