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Volunteer Recognition


Let’s show our wonderful volunteers how much we appreciate all that they do! Girl Scouts of Utah has the best volunteers around and we want to celebrate their outstanding work with you!  

  • When can award nominations be submitted? Awards can be submitted at anytime; however council level awards will be presented at Recognition of Excellence in November 2017 and Communities may hold award events at other times throughout the year.
  • Who can submit awards? Anyone may submit an award nomination. Volunteers, parents/guardians, girls, Community Leadership Team members or staff may all submit nominations.
  • When are nominations due? Both Council and Community level awards must be submitted to or to the Girl Scout office by August 1st.
  • When are the awards presented? Community level awards are reviewed by the Recognition & Delegate Representative and approved by the Community Leadership Team.  Awards will be presented by the Community Leadership Team. Council level awards are reviewed by the Adult Recognition Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  Awards will be presented at Recognition of Excellence.

2017 Recognition of Excellence

November 2017
Watch for more information to come later this year!

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Award Descriptions & Criteria
Volunteer Recognition FAQ's
The President's Volunteer Service Award (Key: RBW-8219)

Letters of Endorsement: Awards with an asterisk require one or more Letters of Endorsement from individuals other than the person submitting the nomination.

Please refer to the Award Descriptions & Criteria document to determine if an award requires Letters of Endorsement. Letters of Endorsement may be emailed directly to