Gold Award

Congratulations on deciding to earn your Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Senior and Ambassador can achieve. Earning your Gold Award is a huge accomplishment! Nationally, only between 5 and 6 percent of Girl Scouts are Gold Award Recipients.  All of the information that you will need to embark on your Girl Scout Gold Award adventure is included in the links below. 


Please note:

  • ·         You must submit a Gold Award Proposal (through “My Gold Award” App) and gain approval from Girl Scouts of Utah before beginning your Gold Award project.
  • ·         The Girl Scout Gold Award project is an INDIVIDUAL project and is done for the benefit of the community OUTSIDE of Girl Scouting.
  • ·         The final paperwork for the Gold Award must be submitted by September 30th to be recognized at our annual Recognition of Excellence event (occurs in October). If a girl is in 12th grade, the final paperwork for the Gold Award must be submitted by Sept. 30th of the same year as her High School graduation. 

Go Green: please consider opening each packet and saving it to your computer for reading and future reference without printing the documents. If you must print, consider doing so with your printer setting on black and white, printing double-sided, and skipping the cover page. Thank you!


Gold Award Process (Girl Scouts of Utah)

NEW "My Gold Award" App

Gold Award Girl Guidelines

Gold Award Adult Guidelines

Gold Award Standards

Gold Award Committee Review Dates/Interview Dates 2015

Gold Award Passion Points (Ideas)

Gold Award Project Support Meetings 2015

Red Flags...what NOT to do

Money-Earning and Your Award

Who is my Project Advisor?

Community Service vs. Take Action - Gold Award

Frequently Asked Questions (Gold Award)

Girl Scouts of Utah's Wall of Distinction

Please review all paperwork and materials closely, if you need assistance do not hesitate to contact the Council staff. If you have any questions about awards please contact us at