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Badge in a Box

Earn a badge from home with Badge in a Box! Designed to make Girl Scouting at home stress-free, everything you need will be shipped right to your door, including easy-to-follow instructions. Learn about Juliette Gordon Low, nature, and so much more through these exciting boxes of supplies and curriculum.

When you purchase Badge in a Box, you will have the option of free pickup at the Salt Lake office or have it shipped straight to your house; shipping fees will apply to each box purchased ($8 for in state shipping, $15 for out of state). Please allow 10 business days for shipping.

What's in the box?
Check out this short video sent in from one of our Girl Scouts as she unboxes her Girl Scout Way Badge in a Box!

Pay with Activity Credits
Mail or drop off your Activity Credits to the GSU office, along with a note to specify they are for Badge in a Box. Once received, you will receive an email that your UltraCamp account has been credited and you can then order your box.

Mailing Address
Girl Scouts of Utah
445 East 4500 South, #125
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Available badges:

Badge in a Box orders are completed in UltraCamp. You’ll be prompted to login to your existing UltraCamp account or create a new account during the registration process.


Rosie's Light Pink Daisy Petal
Cost: $10
Learn about how Rosie makes the world a better place during her day at the beach. Read Rosie’s story, make a bird feeder, and make your own world better by collecting trash at a nearby park or in your neighborhood. 
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Sunny's Yellow Daisy Petal
Cost: $10
Learn how to be friendly and helpful just like Sunny the Sunflower. Read Sunny's story, color a mural, and be helpful around the house by setting the table at meal times. Badges are not included in Daisy Flower Petal Boxes. 
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Daisy Board Game Design Challenge
Cost: $12
Daisies can explore the world of board games while they earn their Board Game Design Challenge badge. Girls will learn about games, design and make a board game, and engineer their own spinner to play!
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Brownie Potter
Cost: $20

Whatever you make with color or clay, do it yourself in your very own way! Girls will make a simple pot, sculpt an art piece, and glaze their projects.
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Brownie Leap Bot Design Challenge
Cost: $12
Brownies can leap into engineering with the Leap Bot Design Challenge badge! Brownies will earn the badge as they explore engineering, learn about physics, and create and test their very own Leap Bot. 
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Junior Paddle Boat Design Challenge
Cost: $15
Juniors can design and build their own paddle boat while they earn their Paddle Boat Design Challenge badge. Girls will explore engineering and energy, design and build their own paddle boat, and test their design! 
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Cadette Trees
Cost: $25
Grab your naturalist hat and get to know trees – from the shade to the science, the fruit to the forest, and the legends to the lumber. To know trees is to love them! Bake an apple crumble, create tree art, and plant your very own tree to enjoy!
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