Forms and Documents
For Girls and Caregivers: 9 Available
  1. Troop leaders collect these each Girl Scout year.
  2. Provide permission for issues that may be sensitive.
  3. Required for programs you attend.
  4. Required for each adult in your troop each year.
  5. This form is needed if a participant has an EAI.
  6. For submitting an order to the shop.
  7. SU Council Sponsored Event, Troop Trip, Destinationss
  8. Use this form when submitting non-credit card payments
  9. Take the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge
For Volunteers: 11 Available
  1. Walks you through submitting a troop finance report
  2. Outlines guidelines for volunteers; updated annually
  3. Web page with various resources for volunteers
  4. For annual evaluation per Youth Protection Policies
  5. Recognize your fellow volunteers for their dedication
  6. Share a conflict with council to request formal action
  7. Learn about and apply for Girl Scout scholarships
  8. Report sales tax for reimbursement
  9. Report injuries incurred during Girl Scout activities
  10. Formally notify the council your troop is disbanding
  11. Must be submitted 6 weeks in advance
Program Resources for Volunteers : 4 Available
  1. Google doc with links to online STEM activities
  2. Safety guidelines for all Girl Scout activities
  3. A list of upcoming programs updated quarterly.
  4. Request a program for your troop or group.
For Service Unit Volunteers: 12 Available
  1. Excel sheet to complete SU annual finance report
  2. Express interest in hosting a council-sponsored event
  3. How to guide Girl Scouts for your service unit
  4. Plan your service unit's membership year
  5. Opportunities to grow, retain, and enhance the SU
  6. Everything you need to know to run a service unit
  7. Helpful instructions for a Service Unit Finance Rep
  8. For annual evaluation per Youth Protection Policies
  9. Outlines annual evaluation process for volunteers
  10. A guide to leading events for Girl Scouts
  11. Submit within 2 weeks of council-sponsored event
  12. Used for any service unit event and/or day camp
For Travel: 12 Available
  1. For activities requiring council approval.
  2. Trips of two or more nights need council approval.
  3. Authorize your Girl Scout to bring their own meds.
  4. In case of an accident, use this to report to council.
  5. Procedure to follow in case of emergency.
  6. A tool for planning trips with girls and advisors.
  7. To ensure safety of members.
  8. Required for trips of three or more nights.
  9. For camp or council-sponsored trips of 3+ nights.
  10. For Girl Scouts participating in certain activities.
  11. For Girl Scouts traveling internationally.
  12. Use to discuss with your troop when COVID is a risk.
For Travel: 1 Available
  1. Allow Girl Scouts to share a bed with another child