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GSU News Crew

GSU News Crew

Calling All Seniors and Ambassadors!

We want YOU to join our Girl Scouts of Utah News Crew as a Cookie Correspondent!

We are looking for a group of Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts to join our GSU News Crew for the fast-approaching 2021 Cookie Season!

As a Cookie Correspondent, you can participate in television, radio, and print interviews, as well as work with our marketing team on special reports and stories about our unique cookie season challenges, solutions, and successes!

As a GSU News Crew Cookie Correspondent, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in television, radio, and newspaper interviews
  • Write articles and submit photos for the GSU website, newsletters, and social media accounts
  • Host interviews at cookie booths and other cookie-related events
  • Help write stories about unique ways girls and troops are navigating the challenging cookie season this year

You will be a great Cookie Correspondent if you:

  • Are a currently registered Girl Scout enrolled in grades 9-12 
  • Have sold Girl Scout Cookies in the past, and will be participating in the program in 2021
  • Are available for interviews or events in January, February, and March 2021
  • Have an interest in marketing, communications, or journalism, and have an interest in one or more of the following:
    • On-air interviews
    • Writing stories about Girl Scouts and our Cookie Program
    • Photography
    • Social media posts and photos
    • Coaching on-air Cookie Correspondents as a producer/director (This involves virtually reviewing talking points and rehearsing interviews before they go on-air)
  • Have a complete Girl Scout uniform (including a vest or sash, white blouse, and khaki pants)
  • Can attend one virtual News Crew training session provided by GSU (dates TBA), or watch the recording afterward
  • Have parent/guardian permission to participate and a signed media release
  • Are available for on-air opportunities, like television and radio station interviews
    • The News Crew does not require participation in on-air events; these opportunities are filled by girls who can accommodate the requests, both with scheduling and parental approval
    • Television, radio, and newspaper interviews are often requested at the last-minute, and we will fill the spots on a first-replied basis, ensuring that as many girls get opportunities as possible

Interested in being a GSU News Crew Cookie Correspondent?

*Interviews and stories may begin as early as January 12, but will continue through the end of March.

Apply now via email to or Facebook messenger with your photo, video, and answers to the following questions:

  • Name
  • Troop # (Reply with Juliette if not in a troop)
  • City
  • Current Grade
  • Why do you want to be a GSU News Crew Cookie Correspondent?
  • What elements are you interested in? List all that you are interested in:
    • On-air interviews for television and radio
    • Print interviews for news and online
    • Writing stories for the website, social media, and newsletters
    • Creating social media posts
    • Taking photos
    • Producing/directing, assisting on-air correspondents with rehearsals, reviewing talking points, etc.
  • Please attach a current photo (preferably in your GS uniform), so we can use it on our Cookie Correspondent web page
    • Photos are required to apply, but if you do not want it included on the website, please let us know.
  • To be considered for the GSU News Crew Cookie Correspondent, you must submit a short (1-2 minute) video! Have fun with it. Tell us what you love about Girl Scouts, what you’ve learned from the Cookie Program, a favorite GS memory, or tell us why you'd be an awesome Cookie Correspondent!
    • (These will not be posted, and are only for internal use by the GSU marketing team)

We will be reaching out to interested girls during the first part of January

Coming Soon - GSU News Crew 2021 (year-long program)