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There are so many ways to be a Girl Scout! She can go to summer camp, join a troop, sell cookies, work on badges and Journeys as an independent Juliette, or attend council-sponsored events. The flexibility is a perfect fit for families that homeschool. Plus, you can mix and match Girl Scout badges with the curriculum you are using! 

The content of all Girl Scout national proficiency badges and Journeys have been correlated by grade level to national Common Core Standards, 21st Century Skills Standards, Financial Literacy Education Standards, and curriculum for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Benefits of Girl Scouts for Homeschoolers

  • Group activities help her develop strong social skills and make new friends
  • The Girl Scouts Leadership Experience sets her up for a lifetime of success
  • Girl Scouts programming focuses on four pillars: STEM, outdoors, life skills, and entrepreneurship
  • Much of her badge work (Journeys, too!) can count as school 
  • You and your girl can meet families from different backgrounds
  • Girl Scouts curriculum and programming is flexible, so you can create an experience that fits your needs and interests

Homeschool Patch Program

Earn a Homeschool patch in five easy steps!

  1. Participate in the Discovery Education Program
  2. Learn about Girl Scout educator resources on the GSUSA Educators site and by reading the Educator Guide Booklet.
  3. Share the educator resources to your homeschool group and present the benefits of Girl Scouts and how to get involved
  4. Recruit a homeschool girl to Girl Scouts
  5. Once you have completed these steps, or your girl has recruited another homeschooler, send us an email to get your patch!