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UltraCamp Account

Click here to manage your UltraCamp account. This is different from your MyGS account.

Girl Scouts of Utah uses UltraCamp for registrations and forms for:

  • Resident Camp
  • Troop Camping at Summer Camp
  • Camporee
  • Camp Rocks and the Cookie Party
  • Never the Same Weekend
  • Minicamps
  • Camp Rentals for Troops
Family Accounts

Access your UltraCamp account here. Do not use "" as it is for administrative login only.

Option 1: Existing Family Accounts 

  • Enter your login username and password. 
    • Select the “Forgot your login information?” if needed. 
  • Your “My Account” page will appear with your “Account Members” displayed. 
  • To review your account members, click on a person’s name. 
  • Their account information now appears.  
    • Select the “Edit my bio information” if needed. 
  • Select “My Account” to go back to the main page, listing your account members. 
  • Continue to verify account members and add members as needed. 

Option 2: Create a New Family Account 

  • Select “New Account” from the “I DO NOT have an account” section.  
  • Enter the primary contact information for your family’s account. 
  • Click “Create Account”, then when the new screen appears, click on “My Account” on the navigation menu.  
  • Your “My Account” page will appear with your “Account Members” displayed, showing your Primary Contact’s name. 

Now your UltraCamp account is set up and you're ready to register for a camp program!

Questions? Please contact us at

Troop and Service Unit Accounts

It is recommended troops and service units have separate UltraCamp accounts from their individual/family account in order to keep finances separate.

  • Troops use UltraCamp for minicamp (troop registration), Camporee, Troop Camping, and Camp Rentals for Troops registrations.
  • Service units use UltraCamp for Never the Same Weekend registrations.

When creating a new account:

  • Select “Corporate/Group” under Account Type.
  • Enter “Troop [number]” or “[Name of Service Unit] Service Unit” for the Organization’s Name

DO NOT list your troop members in troop accounts –  list only the troop leader and co-leaders if desired.

Service unit accounts can include more than one adult if desired.

Questions? Please contact us at

Camp Rental Groups (Non-Girl Scouts of Utah)

Create a new UltraCamp account, selecting “Corporate/Group” under Account Type. Once an account has been set up, you will complete the Application for Use of Buildings and Grounds. More information is available on the Camp Rentals for Outside User Groups page.

Questions, please contact us at

UltraCamp FAQ

How do I add a person to My Account ?

  • Under “Account Members” click “Add a person to my account”
  • Fill out that individual’s information.
  • Click “Save Person”
  • Repeat as needed until all girls attending camp have been entered, along with a primary contact.

How do I see what forms or tasks I have that are incomplete? 

Depending on the program, participants may have additional forms to complete or submit post-registration. Examples of these forms include off-site vendor waiver forms, physical exam forms, EPI-Pen Authorization Form, and resident camp health forms.

To complete outstanding forms, login to your UltraCamp account. On the right-hand side under your “Account Members” and “Program Registrations” sections, you’ll see “Incomplete Tasks/Forms.” You can click on the binoculars next to each form/task, follow the directions, and then submit the form or complete the task. If you do not see a “Incomplete Tasks/Forms” section, it means you do not have any incomplete forms or tasks to complete.

How do I make a payment (credit card, Activity Credits, check, cash)?

  • Credit card payments: Login to your UltraCamp account. Click the “Make a Payment” link on the header or sidebar of your My Account page.
  • Activity Credits: Pay balances with Activity Credits by submitting them along with a registration receipt through mail or in-person to a Girl Scouts of Utah's office. Activity Credits may be used only for girl member fees.
  • Check payments: Pay balances with a check by submitting a check along with a registration receipt through mail or in-person to a Girl Scouts of Utah's office.
  • Cash payments: Pay balances with cash by submitting cash along with a registration receipt in-person to a Girl Scouts of Utah's office.
  • Activity Scholarships: We provide assistance for individual girl members who are registered Girl Scouts and wish to attend Girl Scouts of Utah sponsored camps or programs. For families who are unable to pay for camp programs due to financial restraints, please submit an Activity Scholarship request form.

How do I cancel or switch a program registration?

To cancel or switch a program registration, contact us at

Additional questions?

Contact us at if you need support with:

  • Connecting two different UltraCamp accounts (you have more than one UltraCamp account).
  • Connecting two different people in an account (you have the same person listed more than once).
  • Canceling a program registration.
  • Any other UltraCamp questions you may have.