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School Year Camp Program


Girl Scouts of Utah provides camp program all year – not just during the summer! Girls can attend most camp programs individually, with friends, with their troop, or with an adult companion.


Throughout the school year, girls can experience camp through weekend programs called minicamps. Girls can attend most minicamp programs individually, with friends, with their troop, or with an adult companion. Activities range from snowshoeing, ropes course, canoeing, hiking, art, and more!

Refer to the 2019-2020 Minicamp Calendar to see all of the opportunities available – and register on the Activities Calendar today so you don’t miss out.

Are you registering for a minicamp and want to use your Activity Credits? Print and complete the paper Registration Form.

Each membership year a girl may receive one Activity Scholarship for a program and one for summer camp.

Click here for all of your required camp paperwork.

Camp Rental for Troops

Did you know that your troop can Rent Trefoil Ranch or Camp Cloud Rim and go camping on your own? We help provide program and outdoor cooking supplies! Not sure what to do during your time at camp? Check out our program guides for girls to be used at Trefoil Ranch or any other camping destination!

K–5 Camping Curriculum
6–12 Camping Curriculum


Contact: or (801) 265-8472
24 Hour Emergency Line: (801) 483-3413