Fall Product Program
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Fall Product Program

Fall Product Program

The GSU Fall Product Program is an optional council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money-earning opportunities for the troops. The fall program is directed toward family and friends – those closest to Girl Scouting and enables troops to earn start-up money by selling nuts, chocolates, magazine subscriptions, and more.

Five skills girls learn through the product sale programs:

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

In additional to these important business and life skills, girls will also learn philanthropy through the Gift of Caring program.

Benefits for Troops: Earn Funds for Activities

The GSU Fall Product Program is the perfect opportunity for troops to kick off the Girl Scout year with a fun team-building activity that also generates essential funds to support troop activities. Also, new troops that have no resources in their treasury can quickly earn money to fund their needed uniforms, Journey Books, and Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting.

Troops retain a full 10% of the purchase price of all Ashdon Farms products and 10% of the purchase price of all QSP magazine and more sales. Plus, girls can earn patches and other fun rewards.  Make sure your troop is participating in the fall product program!

Training & Resources
Meet the Products
Online Program

Nuts & Magazines Rolled Into One!

Girl Scouts have the opportunity to send emails to family and friends, inviting them to support their product sales efforts by purchasing a wide variety of products (beyond those on the order card) – nuts, chocolates, magazine subscriptions/renewals and more online! 

Manage online store at her virtual office

Build their own MyPatchCreation avatar

Girl can earn a patch of their customized avatar!

Customers can have products shipped directly to them!

Talk to your troop fall product manager and ask how to get started today!  The UNIFY online program makes it even easier for girls to fundraise for their troops while learning how to use technology as a tool. Girls just need to register online, create their MyPatchCreation avatar, and enter email addresses of friends and family. With just a few clicks of your keyboard, you can reach all your customers, making you an online entrepreneur! 

Key Dates

Troop Deadlines & Key Dates

Based on scheduling, your Service Unit product sales manager or troop fall product manager (as applicable) reserves the right to adjust up any due date or time to make sure she/he is able to meet her/his deadline. If you have questions, please consult you Service Unit product sales manager or troop fall product manager (as applicable).

Fall Product FAQ

Why do a fall product program?

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a fun way to help your troop/girls earn those much-needed start-up funds. Earn money for registration, troop materials, etc. Plus, the program offers some fun incentives!

What rewards can Girl Scouts earn?

  • 15 items – “Create Your Path” patch AND Confident Bracelet
  • 25 items – Squishy Keychain OR Adjustable Headband
  • 30 items – Super Seller Patch AND Fuzzy Fawn Pouch
  • 35 items – Fawn Charm OR Liquid Glitter Journal
  • 50 items - Small Fawn Plush OR Star Marquee Light
  • 75 items – Woodland String Lights OR Fawn Cross Body Bag
  • 100 items – 100 Club Patch AND Large Fawn Plush OR Sequin Pillow
  • 135 items – Inflatable Confetti Chair OR Fawn Hooded Blanket

Magazine & More Order Rewards

  • 2 items – “Leap Ahead” Patch
  • 4 items – Mag Super Seller Patch AND Leap Ahead Necklace
  • 6 items – Small Fawn Plush OR Star Marquee Light
  • 12 items – Large Fawn Plush OR Sequin Pillow

Online Email Rewards

  • 15 emails sent – Online Patch
  • 30 emails sent – 2019-2020 Patch
  • 5 items sold online – Goal Achiever Patch
  • $200 in online sales – MyPatchCreation Avatar Patch
  • $375 in online sales – Personalized T-Shirt

Gift of Caring Rewards

  • 7 items – Care to Share patch

Can our troop opt out of rewards?

There is no opt-out for the fall product program.

What are the troop training dates for the 2019 GSU Fall Product Program?

Troops will be trained on September 10 and September 14.

What Ashdon Farms nut products are available for this year’s program?

There are 14 nut varieties for 2019

  • Gift of Caring ($7)
  • Deluxe Pecan Clusters ($7)
  • Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps ($7)
  • Barbeque Flavored Snack Mix ($7)
  • Peanut Butter Bears ($7)
  • Dulce de Leche Owls ($7)
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins ($7)
  • Butter Toasted Peanuts ($7)
  • Chocolate Covered Raisins ($7)
  • Fruit Slices ($7)
  • Whole Cashews with Sea Salt ($8)
  • Thin Mint Almonds ($8)
  • Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels ($8)
  • Mint Treasures in Collectible Tin ($10)
  • Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts ($12)

When is the initial order period?

Initial order taking begins September 27 and orders (order card and online) must be submitted/entered by October 15 at 10 p.m.

When and where is initial order delivery?

Initial order delivery is November 11-14. Locations vary by service unit and you will be informed of your location by your service unit product sales manager.

Will we use a software system for ordering, calculating sales, and girl rewards?

Yes, the software systems is called UNIFY. It can handle both nut and magazine orders.

Will an ACH (Automated Clearing House) debit be used to collect funds due to council?

Yes, the debit will be on December 4, so make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the amount due at least seven days before this debit date. Processing times for deposits vary; do not wait until the day before the debit is scheduled to deposit money into your troop account; you should be depositing promptly and frequently and encouraging your parents to be turning over funds they/their daughter have/has collected.

If I am a Juliette, can I still participate in the fall program?

No. The Fall Product Program is designed to help troops earn startup money to fund their troop activities at the beginning of the year.

Will there be a Gift of Caring (GOC) program?

Yes, customers may make monetary GOC donations (in $7 increments). GSU will then purchase nuts to be sent to the local food bank in Salt Lake City.

What about the magazine portion of the sale?

All magazine and more orders are taken online. When a girl (with her parents) set up her storefront in UNIFY she will be emailing family and friends about her sale. A link in that email will direct her customers to her store where they can choose to order nut/chocolate items, order/renew magazine subscriptions, and/or order from a variety of products like collectible Girl Scout candles. This portion of the program is linked directly with the nut/chocolate portion, she doesn’t need to do anything different when setting up her storefront, her customers will be sent links to both shopping areas. 

What if I have additional questions?

You can check the GSU website for updates or contact your Service Unit Fall Product Manager, who will contact GSU’s Product Sales Specialist as needed.  You can also send an email to info@gsutah.org or call 801-265-8472.