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You're Invited to Join the World of Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts is a way of life that brings out the best in your girl, even in the most challenging of times. While she’s learning about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); the outdoors; entrepreneurship; and important life skills, she’s also discovering new ways to make your family and community stronger, kinder, and better for everyone. Plus? Girl Scouts is FUN!

Join Now for $35 and She'll be Set until 2022!

When you sign her up now, you’ll be covered for the rest of this membership year AND the next! Your girl will also get our Lacy the Leader patch and the We've Got This patch. 

We can't wait to meet you and share how Girl Scouts can brighten your girl's world. Join us for an exciting event and sample all the fun she'll have as a member.

Ready, Set, Kindergarten!
Open to all pre-k girls, join us in a virtual event series to learn more about making friends and what Girl Scout Daisies do! While your daughter participates in activities designed to get her ready for kindergarten, we'll answer all your burning questions about Girl Scouts. Learn more

Daisy Launch
For kindergarten and first grade girls, join us for this virtual troop meeting series that introduces you and your girl to Girl Scouts! She'll learn about STEM, the outdoors, how to change the world, and all the things she can do with Girl Scouts, and we'll answer your questions. Learn more

Ready to Join?

Girl Scouts of Utah is thrilled to welcome you and your girl! Membership dues are just $25 annually, but financial aid is available. Whether you have questions about starting a new troop for your girl and her friends, joining an existing troop, or something else, send us a note at or call us at (801) 265-8472. We’re here for you!

When your girl becomes a Girl Scout, she’ll:

  • Join a group of local girls—called a troop—for regularly scheduled meetings (either virtual or in person)
  • Make new friends in a space where she feels comfortable to just be herself
  • Have a community of caring adult volunteers to guide her as she tries new things
  • Practice new skills and earn Girl Scout badges and awards
  • Make the world a better place by helping her community
  • Try coding, robotics, engineering, and more through hands-on STEM activities
  • Enjoy the great outdoors while learning how to protect animals and the environment
  • Build business smarts through the Girl Scout Cookie Program

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