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Work At Camp

Building girls of courage, confidence, and character in the outdoors.

We are looking for dynamic women and men who desire to give back to the girls in our community. As a member of our staff you will probably work harder than you have ever worked in your life and make better friends and memories than you can imagine. Camp jobs offer invaluable skill-building, leadership, training, and enrichment opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. 

All camp staff must be at least 18 years old by their start date. For our summer camp COVID protocols, see Camp & COVID-19.

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Steps for Employment

How do I apply?

All applications are through our online system. Browse our positions below and fill out an application for any position that interests you.

Remember that your answers to our application questions are how we get a sense of who you are. 

  • Are you a thoughtful, interesting individual?
  • Can you present yourself professionally? 
  • Do you care about our mission?
  • Will you take the time to do a job thoroughly and with attention to detail? 
When will I interview?

We will begin returning staff interviews in November.

New staff interviews will begin in early January. Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis.

  • Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you within two weeks to schedule an interview.
  • Interviews will be completed through Zoom video calls for the 2021 summer season. 
What are the next steps?

After your interview, we will reach out with more information about your next steps. We can only make job offers after we have heard from your references.

Questions? Contact Girl Scouts of Utah at or 801-265-8472. 


Employment Dates for Summer 2021

Camp Cloud Rim
Administrative/Director/Program Positions June 14 - August 14
All Staff Positions June 16 - August 13
Waterfront & Lifeguard Training June 9-11
Trefoil Ranch
Administrative/Director/Program Positions  May 31 - August 1 
All Staff Positions June 7 - August 1
Extended Season Programs August 3-6
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Available Positions

Use the following key to determine which camps have each available position. Start your application by clicking on the position you are interested in. More details about the position will be available prior to starting the application. If there is no link, the position has been filled for the summer.

Camp Cloud Rim - Park City, UT: 

Trefoil Ranch - Provo, UT: 

Counselor Positions
Camp Counselor
  • Camp counselors provide a quality program, supervise a group of 6-24 campers during their stay, teach and lead basic camp programs, and assist in other program areas.
  • Salary: $250/week
  • Apply to Camp Counselor
Head Counselor 
  • Experience true leadership by guiding and empowering other counselors and campers. Oversee the campers and counselors in program groups, act as a liaison between staff, campers, and administration, and lead camp programing.
  • Requirements: Related industry experience, supervisory experience
  • Salary: $300/week
  • Apply to Head Counselor
Leadership Program Head Counselor 
  • Gain a rewarding experience by mentoring and guiding teenagers to become leaders and role models to our younger girls by overseeing and guiding the leadership programs and curriculums. This position will spend time at both Camp Cloud Rim and Trefoil Ranch.
  • Requirements: Related industry experience
  • Salary: $300/week 
  • Leadership Program Head Counselor - applications closed
Adventure Positions
High Adventure Director
Program Counselor 
  • Interact with all girls at camp in a variety of program areas including: high and low ropes course, archery, hatchet throwing, woodworking, art room, and more. This position will assist in the units and kitchen when not at program areas.
  • Requirements: Experience in program areas
  • Salary: $250/week
  • Apply to Program Counselor
Aquatics Positions
Waterfront Director 
  • The waterfront director will supervise the waterfront counselors, oversee the safety and operation of the waterfront program, develop waterfront programs and curriculums, and perform lifeguard duties and in-service trainings.
  • Requirements: Lifeguard certification, supervisory experience 
  • Salary: $300/week
  • Apply to Waterfront Director
Waterfront Counselor (Lifeguard) 
  • Provide quality programming for 12-32 campers at the lake. You will supervise free lake time, perform lifeguard duties, and teach and lead watercraft lessons to girls including canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing. This position will assist in the units and kitchen when not at the waterfront.
  • Requirements: Lifeguard certification
  • Salary: $250/week  
  • Apply to Waterfront Counselor (Lifeguard)
Equestrian Positions
Equestrian Director 
  • The equestrian director is responsible for the supervising the equestrian staff, overseeing the safety and operation of the horse stables and horseback riding program, and managing a comprehensive horseback riding curriculum. Trefoil Ranch is home to 18 horses.
  • Requirements: Supervisory experience, extensive experience with horse programming or certification
  • Salary: $460/week
  • Apply to Equestrian Director
Assistant Equestrian Director 
  • Assist in the overall operation of the horse stables and horseback riding program. The Assistant Equestrian Director is responsible for the ground school program and curriculum in addition to the Wrangler-in-Training program.
  • Requirements: Supervisory experience, extensive experience with horse programming or certification
  • Salary: $300/week 
  • Assistant Equestrian Director - applications closed
Riding Counselor 
  • Provide quality programming for 6-30 campers at the stables. Teach and lead lessons to multiple groups each day including riding lessons, ground school lessons, and stable chores. This position will assist in the units and kitchen when not at program areas.
  • Salary: $255/week
  • Apply to Riding Counselor
Program and Arts Positions
Art Director 
  • The Art Director is responsible for overseeing the art programs and curriculums at Camp Cloud Rim. Curriculums include pottery, drawing, painting, and general arts and crafts.
  • Requirements: Experience in art programming, extensive ceramics background preferred
  • Salary: $300/week
  • Art Director - applications closed
Program and Art Director 
  • As Program Director, you will design and implement camp-wide programming and assist in program areas of camp as needed. Oversee the art programs and curriculums including woodworking, drawing, painting, and general arts and crafts.
  • Requirements: Camp programming experience, woodworking experience preferred
  • Salary: $350/week
  • Program and Art Director - Apply Online
Food Service
Kitchen Director 
  • The kitchen director will supervise the kitchen staff, manage food services, follow menus, prepare nutritious kid-friendly meals and snacks, place food orders, and maintain safety and sanitation in the kitchen.
  • Requirements: Food Safety Manager certification, documented experience working in a commercial kitchen, supervisory experience
  • Salary: $400-$730/week
  • Apply to Kitchen Director
Kitchen Assistant Director 
  • The kitchen assistant director will assist in managing food service operations and meal preparation and take primary responsibility for special diets and pack outs.
  • Requirements: Documented experience working in a commercial kitchen, food handler’s permit
  • Salary: $300-$375/week
  • Apply to Kitchen Assistant Director
Kitchen Assistant 
  • The kitchen assistant will prepare food, wash dishes, set up and clear meals, ensure kitchen cleanliness, and help the dining hall run smoothly during meals. Join the camp community as your schedule allows.
  • Salary: $250/week
  • Apply to Kitchen Assistant
Camp Leadership and Administration
Assistant Camp Director 
  • Assist the Camp Director with the overall operation of camp including supervising staff, assisting with daily and weekly scheduling, managing incidents, conducting meetings, completing paperwork, and assisting around the camp as needed.
  • Requirements: Resident camp experience, supervisory experience
  • Salary: $400/week
  • Apply to Assistant Camp Director (Camp Cloud Rim)
  • Apply to Assistant Camp Director of Units (Trefoil Ranch)
Health Supervisor 
  • The Health Supervisor oversees the care and safety of the entire camp community including distributing daily medications, assessing camp and staff health needs, administering first aid, responding to camp medical emergencies, and assisting the administrative team as needed.
  • Requirements: Registered Nurse preferred; WFA, WFR, EMT or higher qualification required
  • Salary: $400-$730/week
  • Apply to Health Supervisor
Business Manager 
  • Oversee the administrative tasks of camp by answering the phones, sorting camp mail and packages, assisting with the camp store, managing social media, and purchasing program supplies.
  • Requirements: Excellent driving record
  • Salary: $280/week 
  • Apply to Business Manager
Maintenance Assistant 
  • Assist the Site Manager with various maintenance projects, general cleaning, and camp operation procedures. Tasks include lawn and yard care, site repairs, luggage hauling, housekeeping, and more.
  • Requirements: Excellent driving record
  • Salary: $250/week
  • Apply to Maintenance Assistant


Learn More

Check out the resources below to learn more about what it's like to work at a Girl Scouts of Utah camp and what you'll gain from the experience!

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