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Bronze Award

Welcome to the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. As you and your team plan and complete your project, you'll meet new people and have the kind of fun that happens when you work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference. Download the Bronze Award guidelines to find out how.


Girls who

  • Are in grades 4-5 (Junior Girl Scouts)
  • Are a currently registered member of Girl Scouts
  • Have completed a Junior Journey, including the Take Action project
Recommended Timeframe

Fall: complete a Junior Journey, including the Take Action Project

Once the girls have completed the Take Action Project begin to brainstorm Bronze Award Project

Spring: begin the Project

Complete the Project by September 30 and submit the Final Report with your girls

Steps for Girls
  1. Learn through the completion of Journey and a Take Action Project the skills necessary for their Bronze Award
  2. Decide on Bronze Award Project
  3. Work with their supportive adults to put together a step by step process that will help them complete the Project
  4. Work with their supportive adults to submit the final report once they are done with their project.
Steps for Leaders
  1. Lead girls through a Junior Journey to Take Action Projects
  2. Lead girls through their Bronze Award Project
  3. Work with girls to submit their final report 
Steps for Higher Award Representatives
  1. Provide support to leaders when needing or requesting assistance
  2. If you would like to be connected to your local Higher Awards Representative please contact