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Girl Scouts earning their Bronze Award

Bronze Award Girl Scouts

When Girl Scout Juniors team up to make a difference in their community, they learn important leadership skills, discover new passions, and watch how seemingly small actions make a big difference. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Bronze Award—the highest honor a Junior can achieve. 

Meet the 2022 Bronze Award Girl Scouts


How to Earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award

Download the Bronze Award guidelines to find out how. Once you've completed your Bronze Award project, please fill out the final report, found in the Resources section below.


Girls who

  • Are in grades 4-5 (Junior Girl Scouts)
  • Are a currently registered member of Girl Scouts
  • Have completed a Junior Journey, including the Take Action project
Recommended Timeframe

Fall: complete a Junior Journey, including the Take Action Project

Once the girls have completed the Take Action Project begin to brainstorm Bronze Award Project

Spring: begin the Project

Complete the Project by September 30 and submit the Final Report with your girls

Steps for Girls
  1. Learn through the completion of Journey and a Take Action Project the skills necessary for their Bronze Award
  2. Go through Bronze Award training
  3. Decide on Bronze Award Project
  4. Work with their supportive adults to put together a step by step process that will help them complete the Project
  5. Work with their supportive adults to submit the final report once they are done with their project
Steps for Leaders
  1. Lead girls through a Junior Journey to Take Action Projects
  2. Go through Bronze Award training
  3. Lead girls through their Bronze Award Project
  4. Use Bronze Award rubric to make sure projects meet Bronze standards
  5. Work with girls to submit their final report 
Steps for Higher Award Representatives
  1. Provide support to leaders when needing or requesting assistance
  2. If you would like to be connected to your local Higher Awards Representative please contact

2022 Bronze Award Girl Scouts

Cache Service Unit

Troop #1706 - Foster Kids Comfort
Adalyn, Ava, Coraline, Madilynn, Sariah, & Umbria

Desert Sky Service Unit

Troop #501 - Making the World a Better Place for Cats

Frontier Service Unit

Troop #238 - Hats for the Homeless
Amelia, Jordan, & Oakley 

Troop #238 - Bats are Friends, Too

Troop #608 - Phoebe Helps Ronald McDonald House

Troop# 928 - Tsunami Relief
Chloe, Emily, Gabi, Lyssa, & Sophie

Jordan Service Unit

Troop #2120 - Pajama and Sock Drive
Ashley, Kambri, Kylee, & Madison

Millcreek Service Unit

Juliettes - Hug in a Pocket
Caroline & Elizabeth

Mt Olympus Service Unit

Troop #494 - Support Children through Inclusion
Adela, Alex, Ali, Audrey, Avery, Emery, Evie, Madeline, Samaya, Taygen, & Yasmina

Troop #559 - The Mountain Pine Beetle: The Damage it Does and What You Can Do About It
Fiona & Phoebe

Oquirrh Service Unit

Troop #160 - Only Rain Down the Drain
Breanna, Estelle, Kate, Riley, & Valerie

Troop #259 - Homeless Pets (Pets in Need)
Amelia, Audree, Elianne, Molly, & Rylee

South Davis Service Unit

Troop #239 - I Like (Book) Worms

Troop #280 - Fit and Fun

Troop #498 - Pet Emergency and Evacuation Preparation
Adelaide, Elinore, Lillian, & Piper

Suncrest Service Unit

Troop #773 - Pet First Aid
Ali, Eleanor, & Sophia

Troop #773 - Little Seed Library/Pollinator Garden
Eleanor, Isabella, Leona, & Makaya

Sunrise Service Unit

Troop #520 - Animal Love
Athena & Lauren

Troop #1717 - The Blanket Project
Abigail, Audrey, Audriana, Madelyn, Quinn, & Vera