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Bronze Award Girl Scouts

When Girl Scout Juniors team up to make a difference in their community, they learn important leadership skills, discover new passions, and watch how seemingly small actions make a big difference. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Bronze Award—the highest honor a Junior can achieve. 

Learn how to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award


2020 Bronze Award Girl Scouts

Alta Service Unit

Troop #363 - Reduce Idling for Cleaner Air

Troop #2483 - Project WARM
Riley, Isabella, Isabel, and Alee

Cache Service Unit

Troop #381 - Safety in Garden City
Gracie, Azlyn, Emrie, and Hailey.

Troop #137 - CAPSA Calm Down Kits for Kids
Berlin & Kira

Troop #458 - Helping Pets Find a Home
Marisa & August

Copper Meadows Service Unit

Troop #255 - Stay Home, Stay Safe Activity Kits
Alyssa, Amanda, Cassandra, Elizabeth, Kylie, and Saige

Crystal View Service Unit

Troop #74 - Pet Beds
Olivia H & Olivia O

Dixie Service Unit

Troop #501 - Activity Kits for Seniors

Four Valley Service Unit

Troop #254 - Serving Seniors
Emma, Rachael, Megan, Annabelle, and Andrea

Troop #542 - Sock Drive
Elise, Lizzy, Scarlett, Skylar, Johanna, and Bailey

Troop #942 - Lanyards for Masks
Adriana, Lydia, and Lucy

Frontier Service Unit

Troop #2112 - Bee Hotel
Kara & Elizabeth

Troop #238 - Masks for COVID-19
Dallas & Allison

Jordan Service Unit

Troop #290 - Pet Supplies for Animal Shelter
Sydney & Claire

Troop #2120 - Magnetic Blankets for Wheelchairs
Aubrie, Celeste, Emily, Erica, Isabella, Kai, Karlee, Azur, Kyra, Lillyana, Nora, Skye, Raegan, Alessia, and Brianna (Troop #305)

Juniper Service Unit

Troop #452 - Helping Animals
Scarlett, Hillary, Alexandra E, Alexandra S-H, Ava, Caroline, Chloe, Ella, Johanna, Lucy, Madeleine, Matilda, Quynh, Sarah, and Tess

Oquirrh Service Unit

Troop #305  - Magnetic Blankets for Wheelchairs
Brianna with Troop #2120

Troop #391 - Sock Drive for the Homeless
Julia, Leyah, Zoey, and Annabelle

Troop #1709 - Games at the Hive
Alena, Avery, Emilia, and Kayla

South Davis Service Unit

Troop #423 - Self Defense for Kids

Troop #207 - Understanding Bees in our Community
Nicole, Abigail, Ellie, and Lauren

Suncrest Service Unit

Troop #780 - Operation First Response
Kambry, Aydriene, Leah, Keira, Rhylan, KayCee, Linda, Rosa, and Joselynn

Troop #1710 - Pop Tabs to Keep Families Together

Sunnyside Service Unit

Troop #524 - You Matter
Kalin, Navea, and Isabella

Troop #403 - "Get Out the Vote" Rural AZ Voting Project
Elisa, Magnolia, Kaya, Jane, Marta, and Sophia

Sunrise Service Unit

Troop #275 - Foster & TNR: Reducing Euthanasia Rates in Utah County

Troop #841 - Cancer Care Packets
Ella, Madelyn, Carly, Lexi, and Hailey

Troop #520 - Day Camp Fun-ness
Anna, Darla, Audrey, Ellie, Emma, and Lillian

Timpanogos Service Unit

Troop #347 - Kids Kindness in Quarantine
Kourtney & Robin

Tooele Service Unit

Troop #147 - Masks for Tooele

Troop #2339
Let's Celebrate! -
No One Goes Hungry - Lilian
Life at the Beach - Zoie

Troop #246 - Helping the Elderly During COVID
Katrien, Piper, and Abigail

Uintah Basin Service Unit

Troop #2355 - Back the Blue Appreciation

Wasatch Service Unit

Troop #482 - Helping the Birds
Mackenley, Sierra, Paizlee, and Weslee

How to Earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award

Girl Scouts earning their Bronze Award

Download the Bronze Award guidelines to find out how. Once you've completed your Bronze Award project, please fill out this Bronze Award Report.


Girls who

  • Are in grades 4-5 (Junior Girl Scouts)
  • Are a currently registered member of Girl Scouts
  • Have completed a Junior Journey, including the Take Action project
Recommended Timeframe

Fall: complete a Junior Journey, including the Take Action Project

Once the girls have completed the Take Action Project begin to brainstorm Bronze Award Project

Spring: begin the Project

Complete the Project by September 30 and submit the Final Report with your girls

Steps for Girls
  1. Learn through the completion of Journey and a Take Action Project the skills necessary for their Bronze Award
  2. Go through Bronze Award training
  3. Decide on Bronze Award Project
  4. Work with their supportive adults to put together a step by step process that will help them complete the Project
  5. Work with their supportive adults to submit the final report once they are done with their project
Steps for Leaders
  1. Lead girls through a Junior Journey to Take Action Projects
  2. Go through Bronze Award training
  3. Lead girls through their Bronze Award Project
  4. Use Bronze Award rubric to make sure projects meet Bronze standards
  5. Work with girls to submit their final report 
Steps for Higher Award Representatives
  1. Provide support to leaders when needing or requesting assistance
  2. If you would like to be connected to your local Higher Awards Representative please contact