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Silver Award Girl Scouts

When Girl Scout Cadettes focus on an issue they care about, learn the facts, and take action to make a difference, they gain the confidence and skills that will catapult them to lifelong success. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest honor a Cadette can achieve. 

Learn how to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award


2020 Silver Award Girl Scouts

Alta Service Unit

Dresses for Ethiopia - Sophie C & Sydney P
Feminine Hygiene - Whitney R, Rachael B, Georgia B, and Bentley S

Crystal View Service Unit

Animal Donation Drive-in-a-Box - Dorothy J

Dixie Service Unit

Donations for Kids in the Hospital - Elora W

Frontier Service Unit

Many Masks - Brookelynn C, Samantha B, and Olivia M

Hunter Valley Service Unit

Building Momentum for a Cyprus Youth Lacrosse League - Masami G

Jordan Service Unit

Helping Teachers Help Students - Claire T & Janessa A
Food for the Humane Society - Klayre H & Aria R
Hat Project - Eleanor M

Lakeview Service Unit

Antelope Island - Hannah S & Alana A
Proposal to Add Crosswalk to Antelope Drive - Erin H

Millcreek Service Unit

The Reality of Owning a Pet (Dog, Rabbit, and Hamster) - Sophia S & Gwen S
Oakridge Elementary STEM Room - Madeline D

Mt. Olympus Service Unit

Softer Side of Recovery - Zoey P & Alani W

Nebo Shadows Service Unit

Pill Bottle Donation - Cordelia S, Hannah C, and Ella C

Oquirrh Service Unit

Quilts for Kids - Kate C
Diamond Art - Mia C
Mask Making - Katelyn B, Pamela F, and Cora F
Problems Faced by the Hard of Hearing and Deaf - Kendra S

Sandy Service Unit

Dresses for Ethiopia - Hannah M, Morgan M, Shelby W, and Alexis L

Suncrest Service Unit

Snuffle Mats for Distressed Rescue Pets - Lolabel F

Sunnyside Service Unit

The Reality of Owning a Pet (Dog, Rabbit, and Hamster) - Kate J

Sunrise Service Unit

Bat Houses - Kaylee H & Emily J

Timpanogos Service Unit

Helping Healthcare Workers - Jazmine B

Tooele Service Unit

RMHC Pop Tab Education, Collection, & Donation - Lani F, Aspyn M, Anna B, Allie C, and Genevieve M

Trefoil Service Unit

Masks for Native Americans - Charlotte M & Isabella L

Wasatch Service Unit

Blankets for Hero's Children - Isabelle W

Spirit of Giving in Our Community - Savannah S, Elizabeth G, Wyatt B

How to Earn the Girl Scout Silver Award

Girl Scouts earning their Silver Award

Download the Silver Award guidelines to find out how. Once you've completed your Silver Award project, please fill out this Silver Award Report.

Girls who..
  • Are in grades 6-8 (Cadette Girl Scouts)
  • Are a currently registered member of Girl Scouts
  • Have completed a Cadette Journey, including the Take Action project
Recommended Timeframe

Fall: complete a Cadette Journey, including the Take Action Project

Once the girls have completed the Take Action Project begin to brainstorm Silver Award Project

Spring: begin the Project

Complete the Project by September 30 and have the girls submit the Final Report

Steps for Girls
  1. Learn through the completion of Journey and a Take Action Project the skills necessary for their Silver Award
  2. Go through Silver Award training
  3. Decide on Silver Award Project
  4. Put together a step by step process that will help them complete the Project
  5. Submit the final report once they are done with their project.
Steps for Leaders
  1. Lead girls through a Cadette Journey to Take Action Projects
  2. Go through Silver Award training
  3. Support girls through their Silver Award Project
  4. Use Silver Award rubric to make sure the project meets Silver standards
  5. Ensure girls submit their final report 
Steps for Higher Award Representatives
  1. Provide support to leaders when needing or requesting assistance
  2. If you would like to be connected to your local Higher Awards Representative please contact