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Troop Camping

Troop Camping at summer camp is a way for girls and their troop leaders to enjoy the camp experience together with the support of camp staff. Troop camping can be a great step in the camp progression before sending girls to summer camp alone or before going camping on your own as a troop. 

2022 Troop Camping
Troop camping and the waitlist are FULL for summer 2022. 
Refer to the School Year Camp Program (Minicamps) webpage for weekend camp programs for the fall.

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Participant Information

Payments and Activity Scholarships

Payments for troop camping are to be handled between your family and the troop leader. If your troop leader asks you to make a payment with GSU, include a Program, Event, and Camp Payment Form with your payment. 

If your family would like to request an Activity Scholarship, please review the Activity Scholarships for Events, Programs, and Camp section on the Financial Assistance webpage. Complete your form by April 30. Requests submitted after this date will be awarded based on funds available at that time.

Health and Program Release Forms

All forms will be collected in UltraCamp. Forms are due two weeks prior to your troop camping session. Register via the links below for your troop camping session to complete your forms.

Camp Cloud Rim Sessions

June 20 at 10 a.m. to June 22 at 10 a.m.
Troops 413, 654, 766, 914, 942, 1489
*Due by June 6

June 22 at 1 p.m. to June 24 at 1 p.m.
Troops 13, 272, 859, 870, 2216
*Due by June 6

July 5 at 1 p.m. to July 7 at 1 p.m.
Troop 561
*Due by June 27

August 8 at 10 a.m. to August 10 at 10 a.m.
Troops 260, 262, 357, 1183, 1479, 1706, 1775/2022
*Due by July 25

Trefoil Ranch Sessions

June 13 at 10 a.m. to June 15 at 10 a.m.
Troops 232, 256, 458, 805, 865, 1709, 1760
*Due by May 30

July 11 at 10 a.m. to July 13 at 10 a.m.
Troops 268, 298, 300, 595, 927, 1000
*Due by June 27 

July 13 at 1 p.m. to July 15 at 1 p.m.
Troops 162, 583, 876, 935, 953, 2483
*Due by June 27 

Trading Post (Camp Store)

While completing your health and program release forms for troop camping, you had the option of placing money in your camper’s Trading Post account. 

If you need to update the amount after registration, log in to UltraCamp, click “My Reservations”, click on the program registration for your camper, and then you can click “edit” next to the “Store Deposit.”

You can pay online with credit card or use Activity Credits. If submitting Activity Credits for Trading Post, include a Program, Event, and Camp Payment Form with your payment.

If you need to update your camper’s Trading Post within seven days of camp, please email for assistance.

Participants may also bring cash, credit cards, or Activity Credits as a form of payment with them to camp. GSU is not responsible for any lost or stolen cash, credit cards, or Activity Credits. 

About Trading Post
The Trading Post carries a variety of items, such as stuffed animals, postcards, hats, patches, and jewelry. Items range from $1 to $40. Trading Post shopping is optional. 

Girls are free to choose any items they would like to purchase in the Trading Post. Camp staff will not question campers’ purchases. If you would like to guide your camper’s purchase, you should discuss that with them before camp.

At the end of the session, if your camper’s Trading Post balance is between $5 and $25, a gift certificate for the remaining balance will be mailed to the household after the camp session ends. This gift certificate can be redeemed at the Girl Scouts of Utah shop, for program registration, or merchandise. If your camper’s remaining trading post balance exceeds $25, the balance will be refunded by GSU in the form of a check mailed to the household. Activity Credit refunds will also be issued by GSU in the form of Activity Credits mailed to the household.

Medications (Minors Only)

All medications (i.e., prescription, over-the-counter, herbal) a participant is bringing to camp must be entered into UltraCamp. 

  • Log into UltraCamp and select the participant’s name from your Account Member list.
  • A new screen will appear for that participant. 
  • Click on the “Medications” section and then “Manage Medications.”
  • Follow the prompts. 

If the participant has attended camp previous summers, please check medications are up to date, as it saves medication entries from previous years.

Please do not send as needed over-the-counter medications to camp. Both camps carry over-the-counter medication such as: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Benadryl, and cough drops for as needed use per our Treatment Guidelines and per your approval on your camp forms. 

If you need to update your camper’s medications within seven days of camp, please email in addition to updating it in UltraCamp.

Epi-Pen Authorization (Minors Only)

Download and Upload your EPI-Pen Authorization Form 
Download the GSU EPI-Pen Authorization form and submit the completed form by uploading it in your family's UltraCamp account in the Document Center under the Health Forms section. 

Note: Uploaded forms must be processed by GSU which can take 1-2 business days. Once the form has been processed, the task to upload forms will no longer be listed in your account. 

About EPI-Pen Authorization Forms 
If a camper will be bringing an EPI-Pen to camp, a task will be assigned to your UltraCamp account to upload an EPI-Pen Authorization form (requires a doctor’s signature).

EPI-Pen Authorization forms are valid for up to 24 months prior to the program start date. For example, for a camper attending a program July 2, 2022, an authorization form from July 2, 2020, and after will be accepted. 

Camp Packing List

View the troop camping packing list. Check with your troop leader to see if any additional items are needed.

Program Outcomes

Camp staff incorporate Girl Scout programming into outdoor programs or activities. Please review the outcomes for badge and patch steps your troop may work on while at Troop Camping; your troop leader can provide additional guidance with this. 

Troop Leader Information

Important dates

April 30 – Activity Scholarships applications are due (first round)

June 6 – Payments due

2 weeks prior to session – Participant paperwork completed in UltraCamp 

Make a payment

Troop camping at summer camp is $135 per person. Final payments are due by June 6. If your troop needs an extension, please email with your request.

Payments can be made with Activity Credits, cash, check, and/or credit card. If submitting payment through the mail or at a GSU Shop, include a Program, Event, and Camp Payment Form. Log into UltraCamp to make a payment with a credit card.

Please note that girls can apply for an activity scholarship if needed.

Schedules, lodging, directions to camp

Troop leaders were sent an email the week of April 4 from with their schedule, lodging assignment, and directions to camp (link to a shared Google folder).
Need support? Contact

2022 Theme: Road Trip

Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime, minus the driving! Choose activities throughout the day that will take you around the U.S. with your troop. Experience games, phrases, and food specific to various regions of the country. Pick a fun road trip game that you can play while adventuring around camp and plan a skit to perform at the campfire that tells the story of your troop's road trip experience!

Troop Camping FAQs

What time do we check in?

See your customized troop schedule for check-in and check-out times. Generally, if the troop arrives on a Monday, check in is between 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. If the troop arrives on a Wednesday, check in is between 12:45 – 1:45 p.m.

What does programming look like at camp?

Camp staff and troop leaders will work together to provide a fun, engaging, and relevant outdoor experience for the girls. Camp staff will provide three blocks of program time in addition to an evening activity each night.

Once troops are placed in a Troop Camping session, troop leaders will be guided to fill out a Program Options Form asking them what activities their girls would like to do at camp with camp staff support. The Outdoor Program Team will then create individualized troop schedules based on what troops request and email these schedules to troops the first week of April.

What are the expectations for troop leaders and supporters?

Troop leaders are responsible for providing consistency and supervision for their girls at all times. This includes troop time, camp staff-led activity time, morning and bedtime routines, and meal time. When troops are participating in a camp staff-led activity or workshop, troop leaders are welcome to join in the activity but are also expected to assist their girls.

The role of camp staff is to lead activities, interact with campers, facilitate the camp experience, and support troop leaders. Troops will interact with multiple staff during their stay and will not be assigned specific counselors. Camp staff may be sleeping in separate areas from troops. Administrative staff are always available to help troop leaders as needed.

Where will we sleep?

Troops will be placed in sleeping areas as needed to best accommodate for physical distancing during Troop Camping. Girls and adults will typically sleep in separate tents and/or cabins. Troops may share a unit area with other troops, but troops will not intermix in sleeping areas with other troops.

Platform Tents
Metal bed frame with a mattress
Wooden floor with a canvas tent

Metal bed frame with a mattress
Single beds and bunk beds

Metal bed frame with a mattress
Bunk beds

What are the camp expectations?

Everyone is expected to follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Girls are asked to listen and follow directions from camp staff and troop leaders, use the buddy system, stay with the group, and stay in camp boundaries. No drugs, alcohol, pets, or weapons are permitted on Girl Scout property. Smoking is permitted by those of legal age outside the gate only.

The Camp Director reserves the right to send home anyone who neglects to follow camp rules, becomes a danger to themselves or others, or damages property. No refund will be given if someone is sent home due to misconduct or refusal to follow policies.

What are the girl/adult ratios for Troop Camping?

Troops often have bridging ceremonies in May to end their troop year, while other troops wait until the end of the summer. For Troop Camping, we ask that girls are identified by what age level they will be going into in the fall school year.

If a girl is currently in:

  • 1st grade ending in May, she will be considered a 2nd grader for camp
  • 3rd grade ending in May, she will be considered a 4th grader for camp
  • 5th grade ending in May, she will be considered a 6th grader for camp
  • 8th grade ending in May, she will be considered a 9th grader for camp
  • 10th grade ending in May, she will be considered an 11th grader for camp

Why do we do this?
We have the girls “bridge” over to the next age level so they are able to participate in more activities. For example, a fourth-grader is able to go kayaking on the lake, while a third-grader can only canoe; a sixth-grader can do the High Ropes Course, while a fifth-grader cannot. These restrictions are due to Safety Activity Checkpoints and the progression built into the camp program.

For all troops, including multi-level troops, the following girl/adult ratios must be followed based on the number of girls attending. You may notice that these numbers are slightly different than the numbers in Safety Activity Checkpoints, due to camp staff being included in adult ratios.

This is a troop camping experience. If your troop does not meet the below ratios, your troop will be asked to add or decrease the number of adults coming with you.

Number of Girls Number of Adults Ratio
5-8 2 1:4
9-18 3 1:6
19-24 4 1:6
25-30 5 1:6
31-36 6 1:6
37-42 7 1:6

If you have questions, please contact before registration.

Looking to attend camp with each girl having an adult companion? Check out the following programs:
Family Camp at Trefoil Ranch or Camp Cloud Rim
School Year Programs at Trefoil Ranch or Camp Cloud Rim


Can we arrive late or depart early?

We ask that girls and adults coming to a troop camping experience be able to stay for the entire duration of the event. If your troop has girls or adults who need to arrive or depart at different times due to other obligations, you will need to work with the Camp Director to make these arrangements.

What are SWAPS? How many should we make?

SWAPS are “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.” Due to COVID-19, a SWAPS fest will not be occurring during the 2022 season. We will have a corkboard that campers can place their SWAPS on and pick up one made by another attendee. Make about a dozen per person.

Does the troop leader need Troop/Group Camping 101 training?

Troop camping during summer camp does not require troop leaders to take the Troop Camping 101 course, as trained camp staff and our Camp Directors are onsite with you. If you’d like more information about this training, please contact or visit the Activities Calendar.

What is the Refund & Cancellation Policy?

Partial refunds are made only if a girl or adult becomes ill and cannot attend the camp program as scheduled. A physician’s note is required and a request for the refund must be submitted in writing to Girl Scouts of Utah within one week after the camp session.

No refunds are given if a girl or adult returns home during camp because of illness, injury, homesickness, misconduct, and/or any other circumstance.

The camp health supervisor has the right to refuse admittance to any girl or adult who does not meet acceptable health conditions. The Camp Director reserves the right to request that any child or adult who is ill or unable to adapt to camp living be returned home.

However, if changes become necessary due to the impact of COVID-19, we will offer alternate program options or the option to choose a full refund (including the deposit).

What are the program options?

Programming – Troop Leader Led

Troop leaders will need to provide their own programming for times when they are not scheduled with camp staff (known as troop time). Troops will need to follow Safety Activity Checkpoints for their troop time activities and will not be allowed to use program areas (i.e. archery, waterfront, rock climbing) as other troops will be using these areas with camp staff.

Communal areas will be limited to one group at a time, with camp staff-led programming taking priority. It is recommended that troop time be spent in the unit area or hiking on trails. Troops doing their own campfires and/or fire building will depend on the fire restrictions at the time.

Programming – Camp Staff Led

Camp staff will provide three blocks of program time in addition to two evening activities.

Cloud Rim and Trefoil Ranch have numerous program areas for the troops to experience during their stay at camp.

  • All program areas have staff who are specifically trained for that activity.
  • Participants will receive a safety orientation and will be monitored until competency is demonstrated.
  • Participants will use the equipment provided by camp.
  • All program areas are progressive in nature by grade level.
  • Girl Scouts of Utah’s camps follow the safety guidelines outlined by GSUSA and the American Camp Association.
  • All program areas and activities are subject to weather conditions.

Please be prepared to rank your top five activities in the Program Survey for your troop. For example: (1) Horseback Riding Experience, (2) Outdoor Skills, (3) Mad Science, (4) Archery Range, (5) Eco Hike.

How will meals work?

Camp will provide all meals and snacks. Camp staff will cook meals in the lodge kitchen, and troops will eat outdoors. If troops would like the option of doing one cookout, they can. Camp will provide the food and supplies for the cookout, along with camp staff to assist. Troop leaders will be asked about special dietary needs so that all girls and adults have alternative options. Troops may bring their own snacks but need to keep them in their cars or in the camp kitchen and not in living areas.

Where do we find information about camper health and wellness?

Please click through Camper Well-Being and Guidelines in the Camp Orientation Guide to find information regarding the following topics:

  • Camp Health Information
  • Camper Physical Well-being
  • Special Dietary Needs and Severe Food Allergies
What is the cell phone policy?

Campers are not allowed to use cell phones or the camp phones. We ask that if adults must use a cell phone that they do so away from the campers. We request that all contact with parents/guardians be made through the camp office rather than through troop leaders’ cell phones. The Camp Director or troop leader will contact parents/guardians if there are any problems with a girl at camp, including severe illness or homesickness. Please advise parents to avoid promising their camper that she will be able to call home while at camp.

Will the Trading Post (Camp Store) be open?

Yes! Please read through the Trading Post information in the Camp Orientation Guide to learn the process.

Can we bring tag-a-longs or invite visitors?

Camp Cloud Rim and Trefoil Ranch both have a full-time site manager and a locked gate, and are patrolled by local law enforcement agencies. The campsite areas are secure and monitored by staff.

Tag–a–Longs and Visitors
For the safety and security of all participants and to ensure quality programming, tag-a-longs or visitors not registered for this event (boys, girls, adults, siblings, children, infants, parents, etc.) may not stay or visit.

Troop Camping Detailed Information

Program Selections
Program Outcomes Sheet
Sample Schedule

Timeline & Registration Process

Important dates
February 7-10 Registration open for Troop Camping
February 15 Troops notified of placement and receive link to program options
February 25 Program choices due to Outdoor Program Team
March 1 Outdoor Program Team develops schedules
April 1 Activity Scholarship applications due
April 4 Troops receive schedules and confirmation materials
May 19 Payments due
2 weeks prior to session Participant paperwork completed in UltraCamp
Set up or verify your UltraCamp account

Visit the UltraCamp login page to get started.

Option 1: Existing Ultracamp Accounts

  • Enter your Log In Username and Password.
    • Select the “Forgot your login information?” if needed.
  • Your “My Account” page will appear with your “Account Members” displayed.
  • To review your account members, click on a person’s name. 
    • Select the “Edit my bio information” if needed.
  • Select “My Account” to go back to the main page, listing your account members.
  • Continue to verify account members.

Option 2: Create a New Ultracamp Account

  • Select “New Account” from the “I DO NOT have an account” section.
  • Select “Corporate/Group” under Account Type.
  • Enter “Troop [number]” or “[Name of Service Unit] Service Unit” for the Organization’s Name
    •  DO NOT list your troop members in troop accounts –  list only the troop leader and co-leaders if desired.
  • Click “Create Account”, then when the new screen appears, click on “My Account” on the navigation menu.

Questions? Please contact us at

Find your session & register

During the registration period, start by clicking on the “Register for this session” button for the dates you wish to attend.

Once logged in to UltraCamp, you will select “Make an individual reservation for” and then click on your own name.

Follow the prompts for registering for the 2022 Troop Camping at Summer Camp registration. You will select your first session choice, second session choice, and the number of attendees you have coming.

You may select the same session choice for your first and second choices. Please understand this does not mean you will receive this choice automatically.

The number of girls and adults you enter at the time of registration is a final number and you will be required to pay for that number of individuals prior to May 19, 2022.

You will need to follow the girl-to-adult ratios, per this web page, for troop camping.

Preliminary details

During registration, you will be directed to provide the following information:

  • Troop number
  • Whether you need additional adult support
  • Lodging requests due to special needs
  • Number of male adults attending
  • If you are attending with a “sister” troop
Make a payment

Once you read through and acknowledge the agreements and disclaimer, your final step will be to pay the $100 deposit using a debit or credit card.

Troop camping at summer camp is $135 per person. Final payments are due May 19, 2022, and can be made with Activity Credits, cash, check, and/or credit card. Please note that girls can apply for an activity scholarship if needed.

Confirmation timeline & materials

Below is the timeline of communication between the time of registration and your troop camping session:

After Registration: Troops will receive an email confirming Girl Scouts of Utah has received your registration.

February 15: All troops will receive an email containing Troop Camping placement, the Program Options Form, the invoice for the remaining balance, information about activity scholarships and Activity Credits, and the paperwork needed for all participants.

February 25: Troops must have the Program Options Form completed.

March: The Outdoor Program Team will create schedules.

April 1: Girls requesting an activity scholarship should have completed their application.

April 4: All troops will receive an email containing Troop Camping schedules, sleeping arrangements, packing lists, a map, directions to camp, and COVID-19 rules and guidance.

May 19: Camp payments are due in full.

Camp forms

All required forms will be collected in UltraCamp prior to the troop’s arrival at camp. In early April, troop leaders will receive communication from Girl Scouts of Utah outlining the steps they need to take in order to connect their troop camping attendees with these online forms.

Forms will include: Program Release form, Medication Log (if applicable), and EPI-Pen Authorization form (if applicable).

Note: Girls and troop adults will have their own UltraCamp accounts; they are not to be added to the troop leader’s UltraCamp account.

Forms are due two weeks prior to a troop camping session.

2022 Theme: Road Trip

2022 Troop Camping Theme: Road Trip

Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime, minus the driving! Choose activities throughout the day that will take you around the U.S. with your troop. Experience games, phrases, and food specific to various regions of the country. Pick a fun road trip game that you can play while adventuring around camp, and plan a skit to perform at the campfire that tells the story of your troop's road trip experience!


COVID-19 guidelines will be shared with troop leaders prior to their session. More information coming soon. For now, refer to the Current GSU Health and Safety Guidelines webpage.

Questions? Contact Customer Care at or (801) 265-8472