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2022 Gold Award Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable—proof that not only can she make a difference, but that she already has.

Seniors and Ambassadors who earn the Gold Award tackle issues that are dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond. Gold Award Girl Scouts don't just change the world for the better, they change it for good. 

Alli's project “Safe Haven" created a relaxing area for those brought to the Children’s Justice Center to read, draw, or sit before interviews. The Children's Justice Center is dedicated to solving family-related problems, and Alli’s safe haven area offers a bright spot during an often frightening time. After learning so much about the Children’s Justice Center, she found ways to inform the community as well via interviews with KPCW radio and TownLift Paper.

After painting the furniture and organizing the donated books, including coloring books, the “Safe Haven” area was ready to launch. Alli held a grand opening event that about 30 people attended. She also assisted in providing tours so those folks could learn about the Children’s Justice Center and her newly created area. Alli said the project was the perfect outlet because she’s always felt a connection with community service and helping others.

Eliza's started “Together We Grow” after learning about Live Empowered, an organization that supports disabled adults with work and social experiences suited to their abilities. Live Empowered previously had an underutilized backyard with unlevel dirt, rocks, and weeds. Due to the state of the yard, BBQs were held in the parking lot, which was neither spacious nor convenient. Eliza set a goal to build a safe backyard and increase community awareness. Now, clients at Live Empowered have an outdoor space better suited to them and a youth group committed to coming every year.

Lacey founded EntreprenHER, a club centered around young women wanting to get into entrepreneurship. It is meant to cultivate a safe space where like-minded young women can interact and encourage each other to reach their full potential. EntreprenHER invites women-led businesses to speak with the club members about their business and the process of getting it going. This helps formulate ideas and get into the grit of what being a woman in business is like. This was an important project to Lacey because she feels it is important to support and provide resources for women to go into business. The speaker and club are displayed on a website that club members help put together. 

Lanie got the idea for her project “Wildlife Water Reservoir” after noticing erosion and lack of water creating problems for wildlife in her community. The erosion decreases the native plants, so wildlife must cross streets to find water and often end up getting hit. Lanie worked with Summit Land Conservancy and several volunteers on the project. With materials donated by Park City Municipal, they worked together to build several rock structures that will prevent the soil from eroding away and allow pools of water to last longer into the dry season.

Through her project, Lanie was able to reduce erosion and retain water longer, as well as inform the community so other people can build the same structures in the future. Lanie learned that if you want to change something, you just have to take action. 

Project Links
KPCW Radio Interview
Project Website

In the fall of 2020, a member of Relena’s color guard team got a concussion that wasn’t immediately recognized. Her teammate ended up missing several weeks of school and could not participate in color guard for over a year. Relena recognized the gap in knowledge among her team and wondered if other teams had the same issue. So, she started her project “Concussions in Color Guard” to educate others about concussions and their symptoms. Relena put out a survey to gather data and then contacted organizations overseeing color guard and reached out to nearly every color guard in Utah. Many teams submitted pledges to concussion safety. Her website “How to Color Guard” features resources about concussions and concussion safety for color guard teams and the public to reference. 

Savannah sewed and donated 500 medical play dolls to Primary Children’s hospital as part of her project “Surgery Sammys.” She was inspired to do the project because of the fear experienced by her young cousin prior to a minor surgery. Doctors and nurses can demonstrate the procedure on the dolls, and the child can dress up and draw on the doll’s face.

All of Savannah’s supplies were donated from Westgate Park City, including sheets to make the body, thread, and support. The polyfill and fun fabric for the gowns were donated by other Girl Scout Troops and local organizations. Savannah created the website “How to Sew Medical Play Dolls” with directions so others can make their own dolls and even the names and contacts at hospitals in the western United States. She also took her project to the Home Economics teacher at Treasure Mountain Junior High in Park City, who added the Medical Play Dolls to her curriculum. The dolls will be made and donated twice a year as each semester ends. 

When Tanya’s family moved into their new home, they discovered elevated radon levels, sparking her work on “Project Radon.” She started with a survey study on radon awareness of Salt Lake County residents in her sophomore-year AP Environmental Science class. From there, Tanya developed interventions to increase radon awareness with expert help: hosted 15 community events, taught 500 elementary students, and created a website to report radon risks by zip code. She also learned to scale up, creating a lesson plan for 300 STEM teachers and bridging the state of Utah with local firms to enhance free radon testing and consultation. 

Community recognition amplified Tanya’s efforts. The Murray City Council streamed her campaign online, then it was publicized in Murray Journal, and now Tanya is an invited speaker at the 2022 International Radon Symposium in Seattle.

Project Links
Initial Research Findings (Word document)
City Council Presentation (YouTube)
Radon Presentation (PPT)
Radon Article (Word document)
Kode with Klossy Coding Summer Camp PPT 1
Kode with Klossy Coding Summer Camp PPT 2